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[Parenting] Panda mating motive is a personality

Photo Source: Amanda Lucidon / Obamawhitehouse.archives

People have long been interested in the sexuality of pandas. Because the pandas do not try to mate at all.

Scientists have made every attempt and study to make pandas do mating. And recent studies have shown that the motivation for pandas to mate is their personality.

It turns out that the pandas have their own unique personality. Like humans, the nature of animals also plays an important role in mating.

The researchers carried out experiments with 19 female pandas and 10 male pandas. Apart from the experimental process, the researchers recorded the nature of each panda.

As a result, most of the pandas were paired with a comparable panda. However, some pandas were paired with pandas with the opposite character. The researchers explained that, like men, pandas tend to be attracted to the opposite sex.

Five important characteristics in this study are aggression, inquisitiveness, excitement, fear and general activity. These characteristics were based on human characteristics.

As the research progresses, it appears that pandas are more focused on aggression, excitement, and fear.

The character and mating of pandas played an important role only in breeding. Male pandas and female pandas are separated from each other after breeding. The baby panda is raised by the mother alone. At this time, the potential tendency inherited from the mother will play a big role when the male puppies grow up and mate.

David Powell, who played an important role in the experiment, said, "Personality is multidimensional. Aggressive males have other characteristics besides aggressive tendencies, so you should look at the overall tendency of personality. The same is true of pandas, as when a person chooses a partner. The reason someone else is attracted to you is not because of a single part of personality. I have to see the whole thing. "

The study was published in the journal Biological Conservation.

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