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The SAT was approaching. Candidates entered health care. Prevention of cold season is basic. It is time to start the contraceptive administration of the examinee during the test period. Those planning a trip to the fall and those who do not want to be pregnant also pay attention to contraception. For many people who have been taking oral contraceptives for a variety of reasons, I have learned the knowledge of 'healthy contraception'. It is the kind of contraceptives such as the pre-contraception pill and the post-contraceptive pill, and the net exhaust information related to the post-contraceptive side effects and the contraceptive pill.

Pre-contraceptive method and pre-contraceptive side effects

To prevent menstruation next month, or to avoid pre-relationship pregnancies, the pill is good. Those who are taking prescription contraceptives, such as examinees, those planning a trip, and newly-married couples who want to avoid pregnancy, are considerable. It is recommended to take the pill within 5 days from the date of menstruation. One sheep every day. If you forgot to take the medicine for a day, you should eat two eggs within 12 hours. If you have not taken the contraceptive pill for more than two days, the contraceptive failure rate is high. Pre-contraceptive side effects include nausea, swelling of the body, birth control pills, and depression. If you stop taking the pill, usually 2-3 days after menstruation begins.

'Emergency contraceptive pill' Types of contraceptive pill, how to take contraceptive pill and side effects of contraceptive pill

After the relationship, the contraceptive pill is discussed. Hormone content is 10 times more than the pre-contraceptive pill. You can only buy a postpartum contraceptive if you have a doctor's prescription. Post-contraceptive pill should be eaten within 72 hours of relationship. Some people say that they should have a positive contraceptive effect within 24 hours. The contraceptive success rate is 95% within 48 hours, 85% within 48 hours and 58% within 72 hours. After 72 hours, taking the pill is not meaningful. Contraceptive pill suddenly increases hormone concentration in the body and prevents the implantation. These risks can lead to postpartum contraceptive side effects such as irregular uterine bleeding, ovulation disorders, birth control pills, and acne.

Truth and False Contraceptives

Many are looking for safe contraceptives. That means the information on the pill is overflowing. For example, "Contraceptives should be taken within 2 days" and the timing of taking contraceptive pill. Some are right and some are wrong. It does not apply in the case of the pre-contraceptive pill. However, if you want to take the contraceptive pill, you have to take it within 2 days after the relationship to increase the success rate of contraception. There is also information on 'contraceptive acne.' As a hormone drug, contraceptives can cause acne. Some have found a menstrual cycle after taking the contraceptive pill, or some late onset of acne. The contraceptive side effects are also different depending on individual constitution and physical condition.

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