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[Health] Hypertension and hypotension, what are the symptoms?

▲ Source = Wikimedia Commons

"The blood pressure is the measure of the blood pressure that pushes against the blood vessel wall," the MD, a medical specialty media Web MD said in the article. According to the description of Web MD, the heart spews blood and flows through blood vessels. If a person is suffering from high blood pressure or hypotension, it is because the heart needs to bleed more rapidly or does not supply enough blood to important organs such as the brain or heart.

Blood pressure measurement

The method of reading the blood pressure is as follows. If the device displays 120/80, this is a maximum of 120 and a minimum of 80. The number in front is called the systole, which is the amount of pressure in the artery during contraction of the heart muscle. The number behind it is called an expander, which is the amount of pressure in the artery when the heart is resting between pulses.

According to the Web MD, normal blood pressure is less than 120, more than 80. If the maximum blood pressure is between 120 and 129 and the minimum blood pressure is 80, this is hypertension. If the maximum blood pressure is 90 and the lowest blood pressure is 60, it is hypotension.

Web MD said, "If your blood pressure is high, your heart can overexpress your body and call it atherosclerosis." Hypertension can also lead to stroke, kidney disease, and heart failure. Although the exact cause of hypertension is difficult to uncover, it is associated with factors such as smoking, obesity, lack of physical activity, stress, genetic factors, obesity, chronic kidney disease, adrenal disease, and thyroid disease. Also, if you have too much salt in your diet or drink lots of alcohol, you may have high blood pressure.

The Web MD said, "Chronic hypotension without symptoms does not pose any health threat." However, if the blood pressure suddenly drops, it can become dizzy. It is known as postural hypotension that can occur when lying in a sitting or sitting position. Web MD says, "Hypotension from posture is a disruption of the cardiovascular system or the nervous system in order to respond to sudden changes." Hypotension, like hypotension, is difficult to uncover any specific cause, Or hypoglycemia, heart attack is related to the deep urge.

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