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If you are usually told that one side of your shoulder is over-hanging, or if you can not get your back to back, you should suspect scoliosis. In the summer when the clothing becomes lighter, it becomes a great stress if the imbalance of the back is brought on.

Scoliosis cause

Scoliosis refers to the condition of the spinal column and pelvis. The causes of scoliosis are divided into congenital and idiopathic. Congenital anomalies occur in the process of spinal formation during fetal development. Idiopathic is mainly caused by a long stiff posture, when performing work, when sitting frequently with the buttocks pulled forward, and when it is often necessary to keep the waist bent. In addition, idiopathic scoliosis may be present even if a lack of nutrients due to ejaculation, side-to-side imbalance of muscles supporting the spine, and weakness of the muscles occur.

Scoliosis symptoms

Scoliosis is a condition in which the waist is bent to one side and the side of the shoulder is raised and the height of the pelvis is changed. When scoliosis symptoms worsen, the length of both legs changes and the balance of the body collapses causing pain in the back, neck and back, and it becomes difficult to sit for a long time. Scoliosis scoliosis does not appear at the beginning, so it is difficult to notice for yourself. However, as the scoliosis progresses, muscles, ligaments, and nerves around the spine become stressed, and symptoms such as back pain, shoulder stiffness, and headache may occur. In addition, when the symptoms become severe, ribs and pelvis deformity from the spine to the heart and lungs, which may cause cardiopulmonary function abnormalities. If scoliosis is left untreated, it can develop into a lumbar disc.

Scoliosis treatment

Most scoliosis occurs mostly in children who use computer and mobile frequently. In particular, when scoliosis develops in the midst of growing up, it may not only hinder growth, but it can also have a negative impact on academic achievement and prompt diagnosis and treatment because it gives mental stress to adolescents. Scoliosis treatment usually measures 'cob angle' by X-ray examination. If the cobio angle is less than 20 degrees after the examination, the patient will be examined after 6 months without special treatment. If 20 ° to 40 ° is reached, treatment is given for exercise, exercise, and orthosis. If it is over 60 °, surgery should be done to fix the spine.

Scoliosis Prevention and Exercise

To prevent scoliosis, it is important to always maintain proper posture and to stretch and release the rigid muscles from time to time. When using a computer, keep the height of the screen the same as your own eyes, and avoid using pillows that are too high or too low. It is also good practice to regularly perform scoliosis correction exercises that relax the muscles around the waist and reduce stress. The exercise method is as follows.

1. Look at the sky and put one foot on the other knee in a lying position.

2. Hold your thigh with both hands and pull for 10 seconds.

3. Change legs on the contrary and repeat the same two times.

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