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[Health] If you want your legs straight,


Many people work hard for a beautiful leg line. However, it does not improve in spite of steady movement. A stairway is a phenomenon that occurs between the knee and the knee, and the X leg is also called as 'Naejansul' or 'Yansanjil'. It is necessary to cope with the orthodontic correction as much as the external part as well as the hip joints cause pain. Let's look at how to correct the Odaari.

What causes stupidity? 'Odari', which functions as a complex of life for a person who wants a straight leg, can be classified into a birth cause and an acquired cause. Congenital causes are caused by deficiency of vitamin D, and the acquired cause is caused by the wrong attitude, so it is the first step of correcting the symptoms and causes of their own. If you leave the staple in the case of the stomach, the inside of the knee joint may gradually turn and the leg shape itself may change.

If you are wondering whether you need to find orthodontics or a hospital for a straight leg, it is effective to refer to the orthodontic stretching or orthodontic method, which you can do alone at home. The orthodontist exercise method is: ▲ 11 squats ▲ crossing ▲ lunch stretching method. The 11-seat squat is a squat operation with the legs held in place with the back fixed on the wall. In the case of the X-shaped cross, twisting both feet in the X-direction and tilting the upper body so that the hips are stimulated to the outside of the leg . Finally, lunge stretching can stimulate the legs, knees, and knees in a lunge posture, which is a strength exercise.

Normal posture for orthodontic correction

If you feel a pain in the hip joint due to stiffness, you need to maintain proper posture as well as treatment to make fundamental correction. When you are standing, it is important to keep your back and hip in the back by giving strength to your buttocks, and to keep the core motion, which is the center of your body, steady. Also, when sitting on the floor, you should avoid sitting in the 'legs' position where the ankle is twisted inward. It is also helpful to wear a curved insole such as a stiletto.

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