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[Health] Let’s find out how to treat ‘fatty liver disease’ and ‘good food for fatty liver’


The liver is the only organ that helps metabolize the body's nutrients and vitamins and break down cholesterol. It also protects and decrypts the body from external bacteria and foreign matter. Fat liver occurs in the liver due to accumulation of excessive amounts of fat in the liver. The fat that accumulates in the liver is mainly triglycerides. Generally, 5% of the liver weight is diagnosed as fatty liver if accumulated in the liver. For diagnosis, ultrasonography, abdominal computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are performed, and the needle is stabbed to obtain tissue.

The normal liver is reddish, but fatty liver is more yellowish. The fatty liver is divided into nonalcoholic fatty liver, and alcoholic fatty liver. The former occurs in association with diseases or physical conditions such as obesity or diabetes, and the latter occurs in the case of alcoholic fatty liver due to excessive drinking. Drinking for a long time will result in nutrient deficiency and fat accumulation in the liver cells. About 90 percent of people who drink too much alcohol for a long time have alcoholic fatty liver.

Characteristics of fatty liver

People with fatty liver can have different symptoms of fatty liver. Sometimes they do not feel symptoms, feel fatigue and fatigue, and sometimes they have pain in the right upper abdomen. However, the liver is not complicated, but it can progress to liver cancer and liver cirrhosis.

Fatty liver treatment

Alcohol fatty liver first ends alcohol. If it is not possible to practice alcohol abstinence as a personal intention, psychiatric treatment can be provided, and membership of the weekly clubs is also encouraged. Antioxidants can be used as a liver cure. Non-alcoholic fatty liver improves lifestyle, or uses fatty liver treatment such as obesity surgery or pharmacotherapy.

Fatty Liver Diet Guide & Living Guide

Good food for fatty people is called Gugija. The Betaine ingredient of Gugija prevents fat accumulation and helps prevent fatty liver. It also promotes liver decryption. In addition, shiitake mushrooms can help stimulate liver fat metabolism.
The cause of fatty liver is alcohol, so do not drink more than 20g alcohol per day for men under 65 and 30g for women. In addition, reduce the intake of fatty foods such as animal fat and refined carbohydrates, lowering the calories consumed as a whole is helpful for fatty liver.

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