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[Health] ‘Ogolgye chollan’, diet and efficacy are so many?


Ogallen has a beneficial effect for both men and women, ranging from growing children to middle-aged geriatric and menopausal women. It also introduces various effects of ogolian chrysanthemum and how to make chrysanthemums to be eaten in vinegar.

Lee Young-

In general, chickens have two meanings. The first refers to eggs pickled in vinegar, and the second refers to eggs originally produced by a chicken. Lee Young-ja, who appeared at the "time of the no-nonsense", is the ogol-chan and the latter. Lee Young-ja prepared two plates of Ogol-cheol-Ran, and recommended the manager to diet. After that, he tasted the oyster chrysanthemum. Chicken eggs, which have higher nutritional value than chicken eggs, are called energy chunks and are known to have excellent efficacy in adult diseases, dementia and osteoporosis, menopausal symptoms, menstrual cramps and growing children.

A cholesterol diet? The efficacy of various chrysanthemums

Ochalaceae cherry contains essential amino acids, citric acid and calcium, and contains a large amount of natural vitamins with a high absorption rate in the body. Calcium in cholesterol prevents osteoporosis and arthritis in menopausal women, has anti-stamina and skin-care effects. In addition, the circulation of blood and keep the body warm, not only to alleviate women's menstrual cramps, energetic and brain health, also helps children to grow up. Particularly good reason for dieting is that it helps to increase constipation and increase metabolism by actively promoting.

Chrysanthemum, which means dipping in vinegar, maximizes the efficacy of eggs. This is because the shells containing many nutrients are dissolved in vinegar and reabsorbed in the eggs. Pickled pickles in vinegar have also been shown to have an effect on the diet. The vinegar that burns unnecessary fat is absorbed in the chow, and it is helpful if you take a break in your diet. It is also recommended for hypertension and diabetes by preventing blood pressure and blood sugar rise and by inhibiting insulin secretion.

However, it is better to eat after eating or eating in the empty stomach because it is high in the vinegared chrysanthemum.

How to make pickled pickles in vinegar

Wash the eggs thoroughly and dry them thoroughly. Pour the vinegar into the bottle or cup. At this time, the vinegar is poured enough to lock the eggs. Cover the entrance with a lap to seal it, but avoid the full seal that can lead to carbon dioxide. Store in a cool place free from direct sunlight or in a refrigerator until the skin is completely melted.

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