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[Health] People, of course, also appear in cat and vitiligo and other ‘albinism’


In a recent TV program, the appearance of a child suffering from albinism is reflected in the 'albino' model, which overcomes the albino and overcomes the beauty of its bright and bright skin with the 'hi odoii' Interest of netizens is growing. Obesity is caused by a lack of 'tyrosinase enzyme' which has the function of converting tyrosine to melanin. It is a congenital genetic disorder caused by a lack of melanin synthesis in melanocytes, which is different from vitiligo. Eye and hair, skin whitening or skin whitening occurs only in the eyes. Eye skin albinism is autosomal recessive, and symptoms can occur with Cady's-Higashi syndrome or Halsman's-0 poodle syndrome. When albinosis occurs, the pigment of the skin or eye decreases or disappears, resulting in white or pink skin. In the case of hair, it grows as a white head. It grows as it grows, or it has a normal hair color depending on the person. Obsessive-compulsive disorder may be accompanied by pain or lack of pigmentation, redness of the pupil, and glare. The diagnosis of albinism is made by eye shaking or transparency of the iris. The treatment for albinism has not yet been clarified. However, if the vision is poor due to albino, it is recommended to correct the sight and wear long sleeved clothes with sunglasses in summer.
The diagnosis of whiplash can be made by genetic testing and can be done by visual acuity test and retina and optic nerve examination.

Cat disease - albinism

Obesity can occur in not only humans but also the pets we grow. The albino cat has a blue iris in the eyes with albinism, and the ear with albinism is not audible. There may be glare symptoms and strabismus when cat whitening is present.

Notes on Obscurity

In cases of albinism, the melanin pigment is in a relatively insufficient state, making it impossible to completely defend against ultraviolet light. Therefore, care must be taken for keratosis, squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, etc., avoiding excessive sunlight exposure and applying sunscreen. It is advisable to regularly take a dermatology checkup to find and treat skin cancer early.

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