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Usually they would feed the fish. But sometimes I wonder if the food is too expensive or if the fish is tired of the feed. Now it is time to change the diet of the fish. Fish may want to have a fresh diet.

Before going to catch food, prepare

There are times when fish also want to live and feed. Basically, the fish that live in the fish tank of the house is also the origin of the hunting of crustaceans, insects, and insects which are swarming in the water. Some materials are needed to prepare materials for reproduction. It is not the story of buying expensive equipment separately. If you have the right tools for your application, it's OK. In fact, most of the preparations are easily found at home.

Fish: What kind of fishing nets should be prepared? It depends on what you are hunting for. A square edge net is a good choice if you want to catch water in the water. On the other hand, if you are trying to catch a worm in a long grass, Santa's hat-shaped fishing net is better.

Brush: Pet Medium Spruce Pete advises, "It's easy to have a small brush when sweeping insects, eggs, insects, etc., hidden in the gaps and grass." It is enough to use a toothbrush that you can not use rather than buying an expensive dedicated brush.

Just: If you want to keep insects caught by hunting, it is a good idea to have a clear, wide entrance complex. Plastic peanut butter, pickle bottles, and the like are suitable. Although glass bottles can be used, plastic containers are more suitable because they are fragile and heavy. Even cheaper plastic side dishes are okay. Just remember that the entrance is wide so it is easy to insert and subtract insects.

Where are the prey, hiding?

You do not have to go farther by hunting fish. It can be explored anywhere near the house. Even if you do not have any grass or trees near your house, you can go to parks or streams. If you do not go alone and go with your family, it will be a good opportunity to get to know each other.

Between the sidewalk blocks of the road

India is a hard stone at first glance, but nothing seems to be there, it can be surprising to harvest here. For example, if you look closely at the sidewalk blocks between India, you can see ants moving hard. Put the fruit in a clean bottle and lay it on the sidewalk block, and the ants will gather soon. If the ants are fully collected, fill the bottle with water, then transfer it to the jar or pour it in the tank to allow the fish to hunt.

If you are not lucky enough to find one or two ants, you may want to dig a few eggs and put them in a fish tank. According to an article entitled 'Red Allergies that Make Fish Healthy', ant eggs are nutritious snacks as well as birds. Fish will eat ant eggs as delicious as popcorn.

Parks and mountain trees and plants

There are all kinds of insects in nature. In particular, many insects live together in trees and plants. Therefore, if you go behind leaves or grass, you will not fail to find fish food.

Almost all fish prefer smooth insects. Of course, there are some species like Cichlid who like solid beetles like insects. Use a brush or a toothbrush to sweep the insects hidden in the leaves or grass leaves into the jar (with some water inside), and if there are insects that stick to the brushes to avoid falling off, you can dip the brush into the water and shake it gently. Once you've got a wide variety of food, return to your home and shake the complex so that all of the insects on the wall fall into the water, then pour the water and insects together into the tank.


If you have grass or grassy fields near your house, just take the net and sweep it over the grass and you will get a variety of insects on the net. Just put it in the jar as it is. The more you play, the more fun you get.

There is a way to catch food without leaving the car. You can catch all kinds of insects by driving the net out the car window. It is also very exciting. Of course, you have to be careful in a quiet place where there is no other car.

After rain

I have to hurry. Insects are waiting on moist, wet ground. When it rains, the worms living in the ground rise to the surface. To move to another location.

If the fish that grows are large in size and large in teeth, you can feed them whole, but if it is small, it is better to cut the worms small.

It does not have to be raining to get food. Besides insects, there are many kinds of insects, so if you are diligent, you can catch food for fish anytime and anywhere.

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