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Citron vehicles have many good health benefits in the winter. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Yuzu is rich in vitamin C and citric acid, and is a fruit that restores the vitality of winter. Vitamin C of citron is 2-3 times more than lemon. Citrus juice is known to be good for arthritis and neuralgia, and has great effect on digestion and hangover.

Yuzu contains a variety of healthful ingredients such as vitamin C and citric acid ▲ Source:

Yuzu is juicy and fragrant, and is often used in various dishes. In recent years, citron is also used to enhance the taste of cookies and meat. However, the most commonly used food is the citron tea which is put in the sugar and pours hot water.

Citron tea is absorbed more quickly than other citron-based foods, and it can be consumed in large quantities, so it is more popular among people who prefer citron.

Various citron tea efficacy, from fatigue recovery to blood circulation

This kind of citron tea has various effects, the most typical citron tea is fatigue recovery. Citric acid components, known as vitamin C and organic acids, play a role in suppressing fatigue-causing lactic acid. In addition, the pectin ingredient in citron helps blood circulation and metabolism greatly.

Citric acid in citron tea is a great help in digestion, the fiber contained in the citron peel also helps waste digestion by discharging waste. It also contains 10 times more calcium than apples and pears. It is also effective in the prevention of osteoporosis and children in the growing period.

Citron tea contains more calcium than apples and pears ▲ source = Wikipedia Media Commons

Yuzu is also good for skin beauty. Especially, a large amount of vitamin C removes active oxygen to prevent stains and freckles. The citron tea diet using the citron tea which is excellent in the removal of the active oxygen is also popular. The low calorie citron tea is also a good part of the diet.

Blood circulation and pain relief are also typical citron tea effects. It is especially good for patients suffering from rheumatism or various neuralgia. It also has a good effect on various vascular diseases. The hessperidin component of citron tea shows good effects on cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke and hypertension.

Citron tea is said to have a good effect on diet ▲ Source = Pixar Bay

In addition to vitamin C, citric acid and pectin, citron tea has a component called limonene. Limonene relieves inflammation and coughing of the neck. Continuous intake of citron tea helps to relieve bronchial disease.

However, despite this citrus tea efficacy, there are side effects. The citron tea can also be high in sugar content because it is made into citron, which is a kind of fruit orchard. So it is not good to eat too much. Also, since citrus fruits are a cold component of heat, care should be taken not to over-consume the cold ones.

How to Make a Simple Citizen

In recent years, it has become popular to make handmade candy and fruit candy directly. You can also easily make your own home.

You can make it simple at home. ▲ Source = Wikimedia Commons

First, wash the yuzu with baking soda and coarse salt. After removing the seeds, the citron juice is collected separately. Then, slice the citron peel into sliced ​​citron juice, and mix the sugar and citron together in a ratio of 1: 1. After soaking for a day or so in half a day, moderate dilution in warm water will make the citron tea.

There is a case where the citron tea lid is not opened after putting the citron tea, and it is easy to open after putting the lid part for about 20 seconds in the hot water which boiled lightly. Be careful when you put it in boiling water because it may break the bottle.

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