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[HEALTH] If you worry about liver cancer, you can prevent it in advance with good food.


Health care is so important that it is strongly recognized by modern people who are relieved of drunk work stress by drinking alcohol. In fact, it has high mortality rate of liver cancer, and it is necessary to maintain good food, medicines and nutrients in advance. Let's look at the liver health care law.

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Role between

What role does the liver play in our bodies? As most people know, the liver is a detoxifying agent, so if you consume a lot of alcohol, you will get tired of it. In addition, there are various roles such as ▲ carbohydrate metabolism ▲ protein metabolism ▲ fat metabolism ▲ bile production ▲ hormone metabolism, and if there are problems in liver health such as hepatitis, liver cancer, fatty liver,

Symptoms when the liver is not good

If so, what are some of the symptoms that appear when the liver is not good? When the liver is not good, facial light can experience yellow jaundice symptoms. In addition, brown urine and red spots on the skin can occur. The amount of food is the same, but you can lose weight and feel a strong smell and sour taste in your mouth.

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Good food

If the liver does not feel symptoms even if a problem, good tea or juice, nutrition, etc. It is good to keep health. △ Broccoli, which is known to have excellent anticancer effect as a good food. △ Grapefruit that can consume vitamin C recommended daily even if you eat only half. △ Bean sprouts helping detoxification by containing isoflavone ingredient. △ Enriched with amino acids, And red beats that can supply clean oxygen by removing blood vessel waste. Also, good cars for the liver include cold tea, tea cakes, and the like.

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