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[Health] [seasonal health care] Infants and toddler period


There are unwanted people looking for babies. It is a kind of aquatic organ disease that can be easily taken from April to autumn and late to December. It is an acute viral disease in which the mouth, feet, and hands are blistered as the name suggests. Usually, the wrist is caused by enterovirus infection. I looked at the hand-to-mouth disease that I should be careful of during the low-immune cycle.


When red and small blisters spread widely on the back of the hands and feet, you should suspect your hand and foot. Occasionally, a rash can occur on the palms, between the toes, on the hips, and on the trunk. Fever, cough, headache, diarrhea, and vomiting. These symptoms disappear naturally, but they can cause serious complications. Meningitis, brain encephalitis, shock, and death. It is good to seek a hospital right away if you suspect your handicap symptoms.

A handicapped cause

Hand - foot disease is usually prevalent from summer to early autumn. In general, viruses that cause foot and mouth disease are the main causes. Viruses can be spread by simple contact. It is the reason for the outbreak of the outbreak, centering on infants or child care facilities. It is a disease that affects children and babies, but it can also spread to adults. It is always good to thoroughly sanitize.

How to treat baby and child

When a baby is caught in a hand-held foot, a blister appears on the hands and feet. If blisters are severe, blisters may also form around the legs, back, arms, and face. Baby balls can get red or warm in the body. Finding a hospital is a breeze if you see early signs of such a baby's aquarium. Because a baby in a handicap can not eat properly or show signs of dehydration. If the baby is in the hands of a child, it is better to eat non-irritating foods, cold foods rather than warm ones. It is also good to give fruit juice with less sour taste.

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