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[Health] How to make your calf narrow


I enjoy jogging and running, and one day I will feel the calf suddenly thickened. It is not strange, but some people do not like thick calves.

Instead of stopping the exercise altogether, you can add another kind of exercise that makes your calves narrow.

The developed calf The exercise that helps to make the muscles thin is the calf stretching. Facing the wall, one foot is in close proximity with the wall in a zenith state and the other foot is placed about 90cm away from the wall.

Then the legs stretched away are stretched straight, keeping the pose for 15 to 30 seconds with the leg muscles stretched out. Then change the legs and repeat the same process. It is good to take a yoga or pilates course.

If you want to continue jogging or runnin, run at a slower speed, a longer distance. If you run short-distance running with explosive power, your calves will develop, but not if you run long distances. We also choose a flat terrain rather than a curved terrain.

Avoid high-intensity movements such as skipping ropes, jumping jacks, jump squats, running tilted treadmills. These movements develop the calf muscles and make them bulky.

There is no resistance exercise, often called weight training. This type of exercise also develops calf muscles.

Instead, choose a less impactful exercise, such as swimming, walking, cross-training, and stepper. The important thing is to last a low intensity exercise.

If a woman likes to wear high heels, she should stay away from the heels for a while. If you walk with your heel, your calf may become thick.

And calf massage. It is very difficult and time-consuming to make your calf muscles taper. The more the calf muscles develop, the more difficult it is.

But if you do not give up your efforts, you can achieve your desired goals.

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