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[Health] Elderly The risk of pregnancy is more dangerous! Cesarean section if you see symptoms of addiction to pregnancy?


Pregnancy addiction is a hypertensive disease associated with pregnancy. The correct name is pre-eclampsia. Hypertension combined with pregnancy is the case of hypertension during pregnancy. If hypertension is found before pregnancy or when hypertension is found 20 weeks before pregnancy, it is called chronic hypertension. If hypertension is found after 20 weeks of gestation and normalization after birth, it is called pregnancy hypertension. It is called pre-eclampsia or pre-eclampsia when accompanying symptoms such as platelet depression, deterioration of liver function, deterioration of renal function, edema of head, headache, blurred vision are accompanied with hypertension, to be. Eclampsia refers to cases of seizures or seizures caused by hypertensive diseases during pregnancy.

Symptoms of addiction to pregnancy

The symptoms of addiction to pregnancy appear to simply increase blood pressure at the beginning, so the findings of elevated blood pressure are found on routine examination and there are not many symptoms of pregnancy addiction. As the disease progresses, a variety of pregnancy intoxication symptoms occur, including severe edema, decreased urine volume, headache, abdominal pain and visual disturbances. Such symptoms of pregnancy addiction are already very serious symptoms, such as fetal growth retardation or severe fetal death may occur.

Pregnancy addiction and caesarean section

Pregnancy addiction and caesarean section can be considered as severe pregnancy toxemia and severe preeclampsia when the platelet count starts to fall. It is not due to pregnancy hypertension and does not surgery. When you do surgery. It is not necessary to have a cesarean section because of the pregnancy addiction, and it is good to do induction labor and natural labor.

About aged pregnancy

If a woman over 35 years old is pregnant, it is said to be an elderly pregnancy. Older pregnancies are associated with increased risk of addiction to pregnancy, dystocia, prematurity, placenta previa, placental abruption and postpartum hemorrhage. Since marriage is delayed and the timing of pregnancy is delayed due to the increase of women's social advancement, it is necessary to regularly receive high-risk pregnancy and receive thorough prenatal care for both maternal and fetal pregnancies. In addition, it is desirable to supplement the nutrients that help the mother such as folic acid to prevent various pregnancy complications.

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