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There are many people who are struggling to sleep alone because of the loud noise of snoring. Source: Pixar Bay

It is difficult to fall asleep easily by those who snore in the middle of the night. Especially if you are a couple who need to sleep together, your spouse 's snoring problem is one of the difficult problems to overcome easily. It is an exaggeration to say that snoring is a big obstacle to family peace because there are some newlyweds who use each room because of this problem.

Snoring is a symptom of airway obstruction, which can lead to dangerous symptoms if it is wrong. ▲ Source: Wikimedia Commons

However, snoring is more serious because it can be a sign of poor health. Severe snoring is dangerous because it can lead to sleep apnea if it is wrong. If snoring becomes so severe that the quality of sleep naturally falls.

Recently, there have been various methods of repairing snoring due to the development of medical technology. Snoring has become a good news for patients, especially with a variety of snoring devices.

Positive pressure devices and direct intraoral devices that give snoring directly

The easiest snoring prevention device is snoring prevention pouch. Shape memory Memory foam material, it remembers the most suitable height for most people. There is also a pacifier with snoring detection, which automatically vibrates the pacifier's controller when snoring is detected.

Some devices are worn on the mouth or nose to prevent snoring more directly. Typically, there is a snoring pressure gauge. The snoring positive pressure injects a certain amount of air pressure at the surface of the snout to prevent narrowing of the entire airway or respiratory space. It is a very direct method because it is a way to directly put wind in the nose.

Positive pressure is a way to directly treat snoring. Source: Wikimedia Commons

However, there is a way to use an intraoral device if it does not work well for positive pressure therapy. Unlike typical snoring mouthpieces or general mouthpieces, snoring exclusive mouthpieces act as a principle to ensure that the lower jaw is located at anterior position to ensure airway. It is a little easier to wear and less discomfort than a pressure gauge, but it may not be very easy at first for those who are unfamiliar with it.

It is also possible to use a dedicated mouthpiece for snoring if a pressure gauge is not used. Source: Wikimedia Commons

However, it is recommended that these snoring prevention devices should be worn after visiting the otolaryngology department, dentist, etc., rather than using them by themselves. Especially in the case of rhinorrhea, the treatment of otorhinolaryngology is much needed. There are many cases where snoring is usually done by the snoring, but there are many cases where it is not possible to treat the snoring devices. If snoring is used, snoring should be considered if the snoring is not removed.

If you do not, you may need surgery.

Snoring surgery depends on the site and symptoms. Surgery caused by narrowing of the airway in the palate and narrowing of the air in the root of the tongue are different from each other when the snoring and apnea occur. The cost of snoring surgery also depends on the surgery, so you should take a good look at this.

If snoring is not done well, surgery should be done. ▲ Source: Wikimedia Commons

Snoring treatments and snoring treatments vary, but the best thing to do early is to identify the cause of the snoring and to prepare for it. The sleep polygraph can detect various abnormalities of the sleep surface. It is a very accurate test because you can check your sleep record while you sleep.

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