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The temperature of 10 degrees Celsius is continuing, and cold patients are continuing. A cold is a kind of rhinitis, low temperature, dry air, fatigue due to weakened immune system is caused by bacterial or viral inflammation of the nasal mucosa. Everyone from child to the elderly is suffering from a nasal sinus that is blocked by the nose and it becomes so frustrating that it is difficult to breathe. If left untreated without proper treatment, the nasal mucosa becomes inflamed and can develop into chronic rhinitis. Quick action is needed.

In order to prevent colds in the nose, take care about nutrition ▲ Source = Pixar Bay

◆ Prevention of nose cold

Before you learn how to quickly heal your nose, let's see how to prevent it from getting caught in the nose. It is good to be concerned about the usual eating habit to prevent the cold of the nose. 'Onion', which can be easily accessed at our table, contains an oil-based aryl ingredient, which helps blood circulation and parathyroid function.

It is important to thoroughly manage personal hygiene, such as wearing a mask or washing your hands frequently, because the nose cold is a disease caused by virus infiltration.

◆ It is important to raise immunity

If you take a break, nose is better, but if you want to cure your nose quickly, it is important to develop immunity. The causes of poor immunity include ▲ insufficient sleep time, nutrient intake, and appropriate physical activity, and correcting the immune system can normalize the immune system.

The usual balanced diet and exercise together will increase the immune system, so you do not get caught cold.

◆ Water replenishment is essential

It is necessary to replenish the water to cure the cold of the nose, cough, cold, etc. In the case of the nose cold, it is possible to reduce the incidence of inflammation by passing the nasal mucus more frequently than by forcibly dissolving the nose. Moisturizing and massaging the nose directly with warm water on a towel can also help to cure the nose quickly. Frequent use of baths or fomentation when caught in a cold can also have a similar effect.

◆ Improve nasal congestion through nasal cleaning

The most difficult thing when you get caught in a cold is that your nose is getting blocked and it is difficult to breathe. You will feel cool when you wash your nose with saline solution rather than loosen your nose with a tissue as long as you feel a sense of frustration and continue to release your nose. Saline nasal washing is not only cleaning nose-filled nose, but it also has the function of removing germs, so it's a good way to get rid of the nose.

When the nose is blocked by a cold, breathing can be difficult and can cause sleep disorders. When sleeping, chopping a pillow slightly higher helps in comfortable breathing. If you take care of adequate rest and vitamin intake, you will be able to get out of the cold quickly.

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