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What is wrist tunnel syndrome?

The wrist tunnel syndrome is a disease in which the median nerve is compressed due to narrowing of the carpal tunnel in front of the wrist, resulting in abnormal symptoms in the median nerve dominant region. In other words, it is also called carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Wrist tunnel syndrome is known to occur about five times more often than women, usually between the ages of 30 to 60 years.

What are the symptoms of wrist tunnel syndrome?

Symptoms of wrist tunnel syndrome usually begin with a sudden feeling of wrist pain, loss of strength, uncomfortable wrists, difficulty in picking up the bottle cap or turning the key. Repeated use of the hand, or bending or keeping the wrist joint for long periods of time, also causes wrist pain and sensory disturbance. In addition, because the hand becomes numb, it can not hold the object firmly and it can drop it. If the symptoms become severe, the whole hand feeling may not be felt. If the wrist tunnel syndrome is worse than anything else, the symptoms may be accompanied when the wrist ligaments are stretched, and there are some cases where it is difficult to perform precise movements such as sewing or chopsticks. Symptoms of wrist tunnel syndrome include numbness, numbness, numbness, and numbness in the thumb, second, and third fingers. Suddenly, rather than ending with wrist pain, a wide range of shoulder pain may also appeal. There are studies showing that symptoms usually get worse at night.

Why suddenly a wrist tunnel syndrome occurs?

The exact cause or cause of the development was unknown. It is presumed that any circumstance that occurs in daily life compresses the median nerve to cause numbness, pain and further paralysis. However, it is considered one of the reasons for the high incidence of tumors, pregnancy, obesity, diabetes, and thyroid dysfunction. In recent years, the use of repetitive housework, computers, and smartphones have caused excessive wrist strain, which increases the possibility of wrist tunnel syndrome.

Let's find out easily the wrist tunnel syndrome.

The Pallen test, which allows the wrist to bend for about 60 seconds, is the easiest way to identify the wrist tunnel syndrome. If the nerve area of ​​the median nerve is felt to be stiff or numb, then the wrist tunnel syndrome is considered. In addition, when the median nerve area of ​​the wrist joint is tapped or the thumb is pressed against the area, it is suspicious that the wrist tunnel syndrome is present.

What is the wrist tunnel syndrome exercise?

The only way to prevent wrist tunnel syndrome is exercise. Repeated use of the wrist is often caused by the use of a support arm on the lower arm when using the keyboard, or adjust the height of the computer, lifting a wrist lifestyle without a wrist is considered a wrist tunnel syndrome exercise. Finger exercise is a stretching method that stretches the fingers, stretches the wrist joints, and pulls the fingers. Another method of wrist tunnel syndrome exercise is to apply light pressure to a position about three fingers wide from the center of the wrist to the elbow. This exercise is recommended because it can easily prevent wrist tunnel syndrome in real life.

Wrist tunnel syndrome treatment?

Treatment of wrist tunnel syndrome is divided into surgical treatment and non - surgical treatment. Non-surgical treatment is mainly used for splinting, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, and steroid injections. In the case of patients who have been symptomatic due to certain activities, it is recommended that the activity be stopped to slow the symptoms or stop the process. If the symptoms of wrist tunnel syndrome become worse, surgery will be performed to widen the carpal tunnel. The surgery is divided into open and arthroscopic depending on how the incision is made.

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