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[Health] Symptoms and causes of reflux laryngitis, which afflicts neck pain and breathing


There is laryngitis, which is one of the most common neck diseases that can occur when the air quality is bad, like the recent dust, or when there is a lot of difference in temperature. First, the larynx is a respiratory organ through which the air passes through the body, and the larynx acts as a filter to humidify the air sucked into the nose and mouth and to filter foreign matter. Because the larynx is the narrowest region in the region including the vocal cords, if it is narrowed by inflammation, air does not pass through it, resulting in dyspnoea. If it is severe, it leads to death by suffocation. .

Laryngitis symptoms

Laryngitis is inflammation of the larynx. This irritation can stimulate the vocal cords and make them thirsty or have no voice. The laryngitis is a symptom of coughing, and the vocal cords around the larynx are accompanied by inflammation and become hoarseness. In addition, breathing sounds that are unheard of during normal breathing, such as writhing, occur, and when severe, when breathing or when snoring, the symptoms of breathing difficulty go up between the upper part of the chest and the ribs.

Cause of laryngitis

1. Non-infectious causes
There is reflux laryngitis caused by gastric acid reflux, which can be caused by allergies, smoking, and drinking. It may be caused by too much use of the vocal cords, or it may be due to the use of inhaled steroids. It also includes burns due to high temperature or chemicals.

2. Infectious causes
Parainfluenza virus is the most common cause of viral infection (75%). It can also be caused by adenovirus respiratory syncytial virus, influenza virus, measles virus and the like. Bacterial infections include strains of bacteria, pneumococcus, diphtheria, etc. Most bacterial infections precede viral infections and occur in people with immune suppression such as fungal infections.

Good food for laryngitis

It should be kept in mind that if left in most stages of inflammation, it can lead to cancer. So, it is a good idea to regularly eat good food for larynx cancer through diet beforehand. It is also good to try to eat it through some foods good for laryngitis.
1. Onions
The ingredient called alic acid contained in onion is a good food for acute laryngitis because it plays a role of suppressing the virus by giving sterilizing effect to our body.
2. Ginger
Ginger helps relieve cough and sputum and helps to raise the temperature of the body.
3. times
A good boil in the bronchial tree is a component of ruteolin that affects the virus infection.

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