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[Health] Fistula symptoms and management after surgery … Cleanliness management is important


Chiru begins with a chronic abscess or inflammation of the anal line around the anus, and when the pus is discharged, a tunnel is formed between the inside of the anal line and the outside skin of the anus, and the secretion comes out through the outside hole.

What causes it?

Most of the abs around the anus, inflammation of the anal line is chronic progression continues. Trauma, dentition, tuberculosis, actinomycosis, nonspecific enteritis, and cancer.

FUIL: Causes of bacterial infections

The external hole through which the stool appears is called the anus. Within this part of the body there is a large amount of small secretory organs. Once this organ is blocked, an anal boil is formed. Surgical drainage is the treatment of anal anomalies. Fifty percent of anal boils develop into fissures with pores connecting the anal and secretory organs. Firu can be treated only through surgery.

Diagnosis of fistula

By examining the skin around the anus, it can be checked immediately. It is possible to know the depth and length of the fist by inserting a finger. This allows the doctor to drain the boil. Other tests include anesthetic use tests using instruments to observe the anus and rectum, and ultrasound or MRI scans to see the detailed structure of the fistula pathway.

Fistula surgery cost

It costs about 400,000 won including hospitalization, meal, and surgery. At the time of discharge, you can pay the insurance fee by paying the receipt. It is a good idea to check with the insurance company for the availability of the bill and the documents.

Management after fistula surgery

There is no restriction on food after discharge, but you should eat soft, digestible foods like banana. After bowel movements, you must take a bath. It is necessary to prevent infection of the wound and to relieve the swelling. When you go out of your bowel movements, you must clean them with a wet tissue and change your gauze. It is good to change gauze frequently. The gauze comes out with pus and pus, but it can cause itching and irritation if it does not go into the gauze.

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