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[Health] The effect of ‘Gujiya’, which is called Koji Berry in the West, is the fruit ingredient?

▲ Gugija is so effective that the Qin Shi Huang frequently consumed it for non-living. (Photo = ⓒ Pixar Bay)

Gugija, also known as goji berries in the West, is a plant that has various effects such as detoxifying the body, helping improve the liver function, and helping digestion and release of fat. If you believe that the Qin Shi Huang has often consumed it, dreaming of being a loner, you can measure its efficacy. Since ancient times, Gugija has been regarded as a precious medicinal herb among herbal medicines because of its good quality and toxicity. Let's look at various information such as the various potency of Gugija and how to boil it with tea.

▲ Betaine ingredients in Gugija have the effect of preventing fatty liver. (Photo = ⓒ Pixar Bay)

Effect of Gujia

There are various kinds of effects of Gugija. Gugija contains beta-phosphorus, which inhibits the accumulation of cholesterol and prevents fatty liver and detoxifies the liver and enhances liver function. In addition, it protects the kidneys and strengthens the skeleton. Gugija is rich in polyphenols such as minerals and anthocyanins. These ingredients are ingredients that prevent skin and brain from aging and help maintain health. Beta amyloid is a beta-amyloid between brain cells to help prevent the accumulation of amino acids in the form of betaine and a seed in the unsaturated fatty acid linolenic acid is a rich source of beta amyloid accumulation to prevent dementia is also effective. It is synthesized with components that make up brain tissue, which helps to improve learning ability and helps to improve memory. Therefore, it is very helpful to reduce the cognitive function and to prevent the dementia if you eat it continuously.

▲ Gugija is good in nature, anyone can ingest. (Photo = ⓒ Pixar Bay)

How to make boiled tea

Let's find out how to boil the fruit of Gujia bean by car. First, rinse the dried goji with running water, and add about 15 ~ 20g of gojira to 2L of water in a boiling water. When the water begins to boil, reduce it to about flour and boil it for 30 minutes ~ 1 hour gently. If it boils for a certain period of time, turn off the light and let go, and refrigerate it and steadily consume it. The longer the car is, the better it is.

Recommended daily intake of Goujie

Gugija can be ingested by anyone because of its nature. However, people with weak digestion can cause abdominal pain or diarrhea. The recommended daily intake of Gugija is about 20g (2 tablespoons) per day for raw material, and 3 ~ 5g / day for 1Ts of powder.

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