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It is very difficult to teach your children to understand and respect others around you. That is why it is very important to respect the other person and instill values ​​for equality from a young age. Especially if you have a son, it is becoming more important than ever to plant the right thinking early on every crooked vision of a woman who has become a bloated woman today.

Teachings of gender equality

Unborn children do not judge people by their color or race. It also treats everyone equally, regardless of gender. However, if the parent who cares for the child nearest to him does not give instructions on gender equality, the child can grow into a person who lacks compassion and lacks understanding.

Recall that parents are lifelong role models for their children. If parents first teach basic lessons and respect about gender equality, other media surrounding children and other environmental factors can not exert a great influence on the child's thinking.

Children are free thinking that is not aligned with any framework. It is important for parents to teach the right way to interact smoothly and appropriately with others so that they can absorb and adapt quickly. That is, raising human beings as human beings.

If you really want your child to act as you want, it is best to first look at the role model and show it directly to your child. Tara Dixon, a child therapist, emphasized that saying "sorry" to a child is a very important word to internalize the importance of emotion. A child often needs to say that he is sorry when he recognizes his feelings of guilt and shame. This allows the child to maintain his or her position.

Obtaining Relative Agreement

Today the repulsion and inequality of gender is getting worse than ever. This is because the sex and the shame of the shame are prevailing. In recent news worldwide, sexual harassment has become a regular menu. Standard News points out that education that respects and understands oneself and other sexes is key. And this gender equality education should be the first thing that can be done at home. With a basic knowledge of the sex spectrum, you should be able to discuss your child and its importance in a reasonable way.

The CBC emphasized that the school should teach and understand that it is essential that adolescents get the consent of the other. This points to the lack of stereotypes and the concept of gender equality in school education, for example in a scenario where a young boy always steals a little girl's lips in a hypothetical scenario presented by the school. These scenarios may seem cute and lovely at first in terms of being young children, but you should be aware that it is important to get your partner's consent when you reach a certain age. It is a good idea to start at home when your child is about 5 years old. This is because, from an early age, we must recognize the importance of respect and consent while teaching these concepts.

It is also important to teach them to respect the elderly and women. You can create a hypothetical appropriate scenario or case to suit your child's age and teach it easily. As mentioned above, since parents are the role models of all children, we must personally demonstrate that it is important that parents do not treat others in a disrespectful way. This allows the child to recognize that it is very important.

Knowing the hurtful expression

You must be able to teach yourself to have a compassionate heart so that you can be kind and helpful. It is helpful to teach others what is hurtful to others, and to teach other expressions that do not look like these, but feel kinder. Especially, it should be able to inform about the abuse of women or wrong treatment or treatment. It is good to keep in mind that if a parent lacks feelings such as compassion, sympathy, empathy, etc. in the child's mind, this can give a harsh impression to others.

Young boys and adolescents should stay away from adults who justify sexual predation, false sexuality, and violence against women. But if the enchanted child has hit another girl, it must be violence, and be able to give a firm and firm admonition to the badness of the act of violence against the other. It should not be taught by singing an anger or expressing anger. It is always important for the child to discuss and communicate at eye level. Parents should remind them that attacking weaker opponents than themselves does not mean that they are strong.

Laurie Bardal pointed out that sexual harassment and sexual violence against women begin very early. The fact that your opponent tells you "no" means you have to realize that it means "no." The younger the better to realize this concept, the better.

Psychotherapist Jeffrey Rubin said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune that boys who are well-behaved in a child-careful and accommodating environment are less likely to hurt or hurt others or act or hurt others, I once again stressed the importance of parents' teaching in

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