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[Health] What are the signs and symptoms of fatty liver disease in workers?


Excessive fat can build up in the case of workers with frequent drinks. A liver with excessive fat accumulation is called a fatty liver. Generally, when more than 5% of the liver weight is accumulated in the liver, it is regarded as fatty liver. The weight of the liver can not be measured, but the degree of fat accumulation can be determined indirectly by radiological examinations, histological examinations and the like. Fatty liver can be divided into nonalcoholic fatty liver, which is caused by alcoholic fatty liver due to excessive drinking and alcohol related to obesity, diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

Fatty liver cause

The most important cause of fatty liver is alcohol. Not only does long-term drinking lead to nutritional deficiencies, but alcohol metabolism damages hepatocytes and accumulates fat in the liver. Ninety percent of people with frequent alcohol use are diagnosed with alcoholic fatty liver disease and develop into hepatitis and cirrhosis. Other nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases include obesity, adult diabetes, and hyperlipidemia.

Fatty Symptoms and Treatment

The symptoms of fatty liver are rarely seen, but in rare cases, you may feel an abdominal discomfort or slight pain. Others may feel a general weakness or fatigue. Most cases of fatty liver are diagnosed by ultrasonography or liver function test because of the absence of symptoms. Alcoholic fatty liver disease is treated through pharmacotherapy such as lifestyle modification therapy and sulfation treatment such as reducing the number of alcohol drinking or drinking alcohol . Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease treatment is the improvement of lifestyle factors of the cause of fatty liver, surgical treatment and drug therapy.

Fatty Liver Diet Guide

First of all, we should drink alcohol or drink wine. It is also important not to drink alcohol for at least two or three days after one drinking. If you have fatty liver due to obesity, it is better to avoid fried foods and greasy foods. Good foods for the liver include red ginseng, garlic, and apple. Good tea for the liver is green tea, oolong tea, dandelion tea, licorice tea, and thistle tea.

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