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[Health] What can I hear in my ears? … Learn about good food, causes, symptoms and treatment for tinnitus.


Tinnitus refers to the subjective feeling of noise heard in the ear in the absence of auditory stimulation from the outside. Tinnitus can cause difficulties in daily life if symptoms get worse. Let's look at the causes of tinnitus, symptoms and treatments at once.

Tinnitus causes

Tinnitus can be caused by Meniere's syndrome, hearing loss, inner ear disorders due to inner ear infection, and auditory neuroma. Drugs such as some antibiotics, diuretics, analgesics, and anticancer drugs can also cause tinnitus. Mental problems such as stress, depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders also have an association with the onset of tinnitus. However, the exact cause of tinnitus has yet to be revealed.

Tinnitus symptoms

In a completely quiet room, about 95% of people feel less than 20 dB of tinnitus. This is not clinically called tinnitus. Tinnitus is a feeling of noise that is irritating and disturbing to the ear. Tinnitus is a subjective feeling, so people hear different sounds. Many of the patients with tinnitus expressed cicadas, train sounds, and bells in the ears.

Tinnitus treatment method

Pharmacotherapy is the treatment of tinnitus. Although there is no scientifically proven drug, it plays a role in reducing the symptoms associated with tinnitus. In particular, drugs such as nerve stabilizers and antidepressants prevent the vicious circle of tinnitus. In addition, psychiatric counseling also helps in the treatment of tinnitus. It is good to eat good food for tinnitus. Good foods for tinnitus include corn, black beans and mutton. If you have tinnitus symptoms, drink alcohol, tobacco, and coffee.

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