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[Health] Early symptoms of eyelid swelling Just let go and sit down


In the eyelid, there are several glands, such as the Zeiss, moles, and myoblasts. The acute purulent inflammation of the salivary gland and moles of the secretory glands is referred to as the gingiva, and the acute purulent inflammation of the myoblast is called the gingiva.


If one of the secretory organs along the lower eyelashes or eyelids is blocked and irritated, it will cause an inflammation like acne. It is a disease that most people experience once.

Causes of snowflakes

It is caused by inflammation or infection of eyelashes caused by staphylococcus bacteria. Small secretory organs are present around the eyelids and through which the oil is released. If a substance blocks the secretory organs, the oil will flow back without draining. As a result, the secretory organ is swollen and inflamed.

Symptoms of blindness

The first symptom of blindness is redness or swelling around the eyelids. A red lump with pus marks on the center is produced and becomes sensitive to stimuli. It becomes itchy around eyes and tears flow.

Diagnosis of snow blight

If there is a nodule on the edge of the eyelid, swelling or pain, suspect a blurred eye. Most of the symptoms can be diagnosed by looking at the visible symptoms.

Prevention of snow blight

Wash your hands regularly. If the hands are dirty, the particles get into the eyes and the discharge of the secretions is not good. If you wash your hands frequently, you will not have to stimulate your eyes to form. It is not a simple acne. As the pus comes out, the infected area may become larger. It should be treated naturally.

Eye Disease Treatment

Even if you leave it alone, it will improve itself after a long time. Do not use hot firming or antibiotics to relieve symptoms.

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