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Time spent with family is a blessing, but on the other hand is also a concern. Every time you go out, it costs a lot. I go to the amusement park with my kids and pay the tickets and spend a lot of money in a moment. Fortunately, there is a way to spend time with family without spending a lot of money. The Life magazine Real Simple introduced free popular activities that you can do with your family. Why not try the following activities instead of amusement parks, movie theaters and kids' cafés this weekend.

1. Constructing 'our fort' in the house

Let's wake up the instinct of the architect sleeping in me, the spirit of the engineer. How about setting up our 'Citadel' in the living room with pillows, blankets, table chairs and umbrellas in the room? You will be able to get closer to your children while you are reading books in a comfortable fortress, watching movies on a tablet, eating snacks and having a good time.

2. Yoga

Yoga is a stress-relieving activity, but the classes that teach children yoga are usually very expensive. However, if you use Cosmic Kids Yoga, which you can see on YouTube, you can exercise with basic yoga movements with your kids. Cosmic Kids Yoga changes every story, so children can see, move, and have fun while watching the video.

3. Hiking

Hiking is also a great activity to do with your family. Most hiking paths can go without paying. If you do not have a mountain near the house, you can use nearby parks and hills.

4. Finding Treasure

Treasure hunting is a game where you can fully demonstrate your creativity. Clues can be hidden in the house, hidden in a neighborhood park. The winner's prize does not need to be tremendous. For example, you can substitute a prize for giving the right to choose a menu that night or a movie option.

5. Watering

If you live near the sea. It is like living in an amusement park created by nature. Even if there is no sea near the hump, it is good to look near the nearest swimming pool or fountain. If that is not the case, you may want to turn on the sprinkler in the yard or make a pool in the veranda and enjoy the water.

6. Participate in 'Movie Night'

In the summer, there are so many Movie Night events that show movies free of charge in parks and public parking lots. Let's find out if you are doing a Movie Night event in your area. If you get a camping chair, a shade tent or matting, or something to eat at home, that's where it becomes the movie theater. If you are lucky, you can also watch free performances by musicians and artists.

7. Go to the theme picnic

Picnic is an activity that does not cost much, but why not try different picnics with different themes? For example, if you have a cartoon movie devoted to kids these days, you can make masks from the faces of the characters in the movie, prepare foods that appear frequently in comics, and make mud pies with the children. To prepare a picnic lunch, buy something like this, but it is much cheaper than eating out in a restaurant.

8. Kite flying

On a windy day, why not try kites with activities that decorate the picnic? Designing and making a direct kite is a very enjoyable time.

9. Volunteering

Visiting a local nonprofit organization and volunteering is also a good way to build a sense of community. There are many things we can do for the community, including preparing meals, planting trees, and delivering school supplies for the poor. Just helping people who need help with their families is a rewarding experience, but it is a good education for children by giving them kindness and helping others.

10. Having a family gathering

Meet with your friends, especially with other friends who raise children and have a family gathering. Children can quickly see each other and play together. It is not that you have to do something great that is a family meeting. It is a joyful law just to stay with friends who are close friends. However, if you join other activities together, you will have double the pleasure.

11. Open flea market

There is a thing that occupies a seat in a house or a house and does not write. Let's collect these and invite people to come to the house. There are many cases where you open flea markets on weekends or in apartment complexes. It is good to join with your child on this occasion. It is an opportunity to sell things and to realize the importance of money. It would be interesting to eat a chicken together with the profits earned from the flea market.

12. Go to the concert in the park

Sometimes free performances or concerts are held in big parks including the Han River Park. Many cities plan a free concert in the daytime or in the evenings, especially if there is a festival nearby.

13. Go to the museum

Many museums, such as the Seoul Museum of History and the Gwacheon Science Museum, have free entrance fees. Even parking lots are free or cheap, and there are many educational programs and attractions. It will be an opportunity for both adults and children to learn something new.

14. Science experiments

You can try science experiments using only the things in your house. You can find various experiments by renting a science experiment book for children in the local library. Have fun with children and study science principles.

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