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The continuation of the wave is endlessly ending. In the meantime, the respiratory system suffering from the cold, which is above 10 degrees Celsius, has got a short rest. In addition to the cold, there are still many threats to the respiratory system. I am worried about the fine dust that will be coming soon as well as the dry air peculiar to the winter. These 'dry' and 'fine dust' damage the mucous membranes of the bronchi and lungs and make them vulnerable to virus infection.

I can not stay in the house while worrying about it. Let's take a look at the symptoms and prevention of asthma, a typical respiratory disease, and how to do a healthy 'breathing'.

What are the causes and symptoms of asthma?

The American Health and Medical Portal Web MD described asthma as "inflammation of the bronchi, which produces sticky sputum." When asthma is present, the airway narrows, inflammation occurs, and mucous mucus is secreted. Symptoms of asthma are frequent coughing or sneezing, especially at night. Chest compressions and chest pains are also caused, and breathing makes it sound like 'wheezing'.

However, some people with asthma do not have these symptoms. According to the Web MD, "Asthma can be symptomatic or severe, depending on the onset of the disease." If you have asthma but the symptoms do not appear for a long time, the symptoms may worsen the moment you experience an asthma attack. On the other hand, some people have asthma attacks every day. Some people suffer from asthma attacks when exercising or when they are infected with a virus such as a cold.

WebMD explained that "mild asthma attacks are common, and the airways are a type of asthma that lasts from a few minutes to hours." "On the other hand, if a severe asthma attack lasts for a long time, medical treatment is needed." Patients with asthma should be aware of mild asthma symptoms to prevent serious asthma symptoms and resolve their health problems.

Web MD says that the initial symptoms are those that occur before or after the onset of asthma. Even with early symptoms, people are free to do daily activities. Early awareness of early symptoms can prevent the onset of asthma. Early symptoms are especially frequent coughing at night, symptoms of dyspnea and dyspnea, coughing after exercise, or "wheezing" when breathing. You may have a cold or allergic symptoms, and you can not sleep well.

Prevention and treatment

If you know the symptoms in advance, you can prevent asthma. If asthmatic patients get the initial symptoms, they can go to the hospital to treat the asthma cause and take prescribed medicines.

To prevent asthma, asthma inducers and chemicals that cause allergies should be avoided. Patients with asthma should use air purifiers to remove airborne mold, pollen, dust, and other allergens. It is also a good idea to use a humidifier. Humidifiers emit steam to moisten the air, helping to relieve asthma symptoms. However, you should clean the humidifier to prevent mold.

In addition, patients with asthma should be given allergy injections in terms of immunotherapy. There are several allergen-inducing antigens that can cause asthma. Immunotherapy helps to change the immune system of humans and allows the body to respond less sensitively to certain allergenic antigens.

Finally, there is a way to get medication. There are medications that need to be taken daily to prevent asthma attacks, and there are medications to alleviate symptoms even if seizures occur. Asthma medications include inhalants, pills, liquid medicines, or syringes.

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