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It is not easy to control your appetite without knowing yourself. Source: Pixar Bay

By the time the cold winter passes, I buy prettier and cool spring clothes. But when it comes time to wear it, it does not fit together. It is really a 'temp'. Women, especially if there is a fear of this situation.

In fact, it is difficult for modern society not to have an obsession with diet. When you look around, the food that attracts appetite is full. With the increasingly diverse menu of foods, the calories and stimuli of foods also increase. I can not stand my appetite. The word diet is folded to the sky.

To get rid of this temptation, we need to light our eyes on how to suppress appetite.

Moisture intake is one of the most basic ways to suppress appetite. Source: Pixar Bay

Eat water.

It is not easy to suppress appetite. But did not the beginning say half? It is not difficult to start with the simplest method. It is most important to eat a lot of water first. It may be too simple to say that the appetite suppression method is a simple thing, but our body can feel hunger as well as fatigue with only 1 ~ 2% of water shortage.

In this case, the food is often filled with water rather than water, such as juice, carbonated beverages and beverages containing a large amount of sugars, such as eating sugar or calorie intake through the food to reduce the chances of a high probability is high. If you drink a lot of water instead of beverages, your body metabolism is smooth and you can have a certain degree of satiety, so water can be said to be the basis of appetite suppression.

Eating apples or whole grains is also a great help in controlling appetite. Source: Pixar Bay

Eat slow food per shift

If the hunger does not disappear, however, it can not be avoided. However, it is important to eat something. The most recommended foods are almonds, walnuts and other nuts. It's not a lot of calories, but it's a great way to keep appetite suppressed, because nuts can give you a feeling of fullness in small amounts. Especially when there is a middle hunger in the diet, it is better to eat less than 6 almonds and less than 15 almonds for peanuts.

In addition, it is good to eat foods with slow conversion per month. Typical foods are soybeans and grains. In the case of soybeans, isoflavones are good for the health of women and also for a long time in a small amount can maintain the fullness. Grains are also good, because digestion and sugar conversion are slow, so it is better to eat grains than grains. Apples, vegetables, and chicken breasts are also well known for slow-converting foods.

Sufficient sleep controls the body's appetite-suppressing hormones. Source: Pixar Bay

Manage with lifestyle and exercise

Controlling food with appetite suppression is the most important, but lifestyle is also important. Sufficient sleep is especially important. At sleep, ghrelin automatically balances properly with leptin, an appetite-suppressing hormone, and appetite-promoting hormone. The role of these two hormones can last a long time without consuming food.

It is also helpful to brush your teeth or warm your body. If you brush your teeth, you will get a feeling that your mouth is getting wrapped up temporarily. In this case, you can actually catch a fake appetite rather than your desired appetite. In a cold environment, the body needs constant calorie to increase the body temperature, but when it is stable in a warm environment, the body does not need more calories.

Yoga and other stretching exercises that are not excessive stabilize appetite-related nervous activity ▲ Source = Pixar Bay

Recently, exercise is recommended as an appetite suppression method. Yoga is especially good for stretching your body and facilitating your metabolism, especially for excessive calorie expenditure. Standing in front of the body to bend forward or sitting and sitting in the yoga exercise, such as a combination of nerve activity and physical stability can be combined with effective appetite suppression can be done.

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