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For a cat, hunting is nature and instinct. Although small in size, it is also a relative of a tiger or a leopard. So is it. The cat brings a prey to the house with a hilarious look today. I hope you will be glad. But again, you have to get rid of animal carcasses. You have a sigh of relief, gloves and garbage bags. Is not there a way?

Cats are famous for their lovely pets and dangerously dangerous hunters. The cat's habit of bringing food back to the home has been around for centuries. Because cats once lived in the wild as carnivorous hunters. In addition, research has shown that female cats that remove ovaries are more likely to observe such behavior.

◆ Hunting Education

The mother cat constantly brings the prey to teach the cub how to hunt the target.

This is to teach the cubs to hunt. The mother brings the live food to teach the cub how to kill the food. Once the baby gets used to it, the mother hunts the food directly and follows the live food so that it can be eaten.

The mother cat wants her cubs to grow into a competent hunter by herself. He also teaches other kittens who are not related to him how to hunt. To this day, cats are maintaining these hunting habits instinctively and consider them necessary to maintain their daily lives.

However, some say that the cat's hunting behavior represents a bond with humans and merely boasts of hunting skills. In fact, cats bring a variety of objects into their homes in addition to the objects they hunt from tea bags to socks.

◆ Meaning beyond hunting

The Health Guidance posted an article about three messages that were hidden in the habit of bringing prey that the cat hunted people.

1. Acknowledgments

A cat tries to convey gratitude by dropping a prey that hunts down a person's foot. There may be no specific reason behind this habit, but one interprets this behavior of the cat as a way of expressing "gratitude" to the person who protects it. These cats would like to see the response of the person who received the "thank you" gift.

2. Expression of hunting skill

Another reason behind this ancient habits is to express their hunting skills to attract people's attention. This behavior is similar to children doing good things at school or at home. A cat may think that it is time to teach his friend a skill in hunting.

3. Expression of Love

As mentioned earlier, hunting for cats is a language of love that is expressed to cubs. And it can be a way of expressing it to a friend who thinks their safety is important. A female cat has a potential maternal instinct, and hunts its prey in the hope that a friend of mine will laugh.

4. Unstoppable instincts

Hunting for a cat is an instinct that can not be stopped. Even domestic cats can not abandon their hunting instincts to find small creatures that they can kill. One alternative that can be recommended in this situation is to create an area that can give the cat a "game". And remember that this behavior of the cat is a language of love and gratitude.

◆ Four ways to cope with cat hunting habits

PET MEDIA ANIMED presents four strategies to help you deal with the hunting habits of cats.

1. Present a bubble

Speed ​​and tail is a typical attribute that captures the prey that the cat has aimed at. However, if you put a drop on your neck, the prey will recognize the threat and successfully escape.

2. When the house is frozen and when the house is frozen

A lot of cats go hunting when they are dying and when the sun goes down. If you keep the cat in the house during this time, you can prevent the cat's hunting habit in advance.

3. Play with the cat often

Taking a hunting instinct from a cat can cause boredom and embarrassment. Therefore, it is better for the owner to have more time to play with the cat. This time can replace the cat's hunting time. It is also a good idea to buy toys that mimic your game.

4. Quickly dispose of dead animals

If the dead animals are not treated quickly, the cat can continue the hunting language. Dealing with dead animals and releasing toys with catnip can be conveyed in the message that the toys are fun.

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