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[Issue] Bicycle’s birth and history

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia

Bicycles are used worldwide for exercise and leisure activities. The Tour de France is a weekly cycling tournament held in France every year and is one of the most popular and popular sporting events in the world.

In the West, the phrase "It's like riding a bicycle." Has the meaning of never forgetting to learn a classic bike technique.

However, even though many people use bicycles universally, few people are familiar with the history of bicycles.

The year 2017 marks the 200th anniversary of the invention of a bicycle.

It was born on June 12, 1817, in Mannheim, southwest Germany. This place was called the Grand Duchy of Baden at the time.

The Druze invented an early bike called a "velocipede" without a pedal or chain.

Velocipede was a motorcycle that could ride on the ground with his feet and get the driving power. After a few months or a year, Draces learned how to balance.

But most people at that time thought that Drys' invention was foolish.

In 1885, Dries' prototype bike was improved by installing front and rear wheels of similar size. Since then, improvements have been made to the bike, and a successful bike was born shortly thereafter.

In 1890, the invention of modern tires led to a bicycle craze, and bicycles evolved into their present form through decades.

Raynod, who cultivates grapes in southeastern France, is a mania who knows the colorful history of bicycles and operates a bicycle museum.

Raynod said it is incomprehensible that many people do not know the history of the development of modern bicycles and that bicycles do not enjoy a big celebration on this landmark anniversary.

Raynod had spent 50 years researching the bike and said it was worth it. I have said that I am qualified to fight while fighting.

More information on bicycles can be found in his book. However, this book is sold only in museums, so you can visit his vineyards.

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