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[Health] How to make your face smaller, you can change your usual habits


Face size is directly related to the overall body percentage, so many people want a small face. If you have an angled face, you will be interested in how to make the face smaller. It is difficult to reduce the bones that determine the face skeleton, but we can reduce the face size by changing the usual habit of growing the face without us knowing. Let's learn how to make faces smaller.

◆ Keeping the right posture

Maintaining the right posture affects not only the waist but also the face size. Sitting on one side only for a long time in a stiff or twisted position can interfere with blood circulation in the body and face deformation may occur. The correct posture applies equally well when you sleep. It is good to lay down to look at the ceiling for the way to make a face small because the only one face develops or it puts on the joint of the jaw because it lays down to sleep or lie sideways.

If you want a small face, you should avoid spicy and salty foods. Source: Pixar Bay

◆ Improve eating habits

Eating habits are also important in diminishing facial features. Keep in mind that foods such as dried squid and gum that move the jaw joints are restricted should be avoided, and keep in mind that chewing habits on one side only leads to facial asymmetry that develops only on one side of the food. For the face to be smaller, care should be taken to manage swelling of the face. Spicy foods such as rice cake, chanpon, ramen, etc. make the face swell well, and if this is repeated, the face size can become bigger.

◆ Keep your facial massage steady

Meridian massage is effective because the face becomes small. But it will be as burdensome as having to invest time and money to get a separate massage. You can also make a small face with your self-made self-facial massage. Facial massage parts ▲ ▲ temples ▲ ball ▲ eyebrow ▲ mouth ▲ earlobe ▲ neck ▲ line to the clavicle, you can massage. After applying the cream on the face, massage it by pressing the nipple to remove the waste and release the nervous muscles to help make a small face. Neck muscles and collarbone are connected to the lymphatic pile that accumulates wastes.

◆ Adequate water intake

Adequate water intake should also be done to make the face smaller. Drinking water is a healthy habit, but if you want a small face with too much water, you should avoid excessive amounts of water. Because the usual food contains moisture. Daily intake of water should not exceed 2L. You have to drain the water to make a small face.

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