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The cats are strong in recognizing that they are tricky and defensive against their area. But I can not help petting a cute cat. Many people do not know that cats have a positive impact on their health.

Effects of cats on physical health

Cats have a direct or indirect effect on the owner 's physical health. According to GoodNet, the following research results will support this.

1 Cat raising reduces the risk of heart disease

Studies have shown that cats significantly lower their stress levels. The lower the stress index, the lower the likelihood of heart attack. Cats are 30 percent less likely to have heart disease or stroke than those who do not. This can also reduce the burden on the hospital.

2 Cat's rattling helps to restore bones and muscles

According to the results of the study, the rat's rattling sound has the effect of treating bones, muscles and ligaments and helps to recover after being injured. The frequency of cat's rattling sound is 20 ~ 140HZ. The researchers found that a frequency of 18 to 35 Hz helped the injured patient recover joint movement. Scientists are also very interested in the positive effects of cat's rattling noise on humans. If a cat makes a rattling noise, it is better to let it sound even if it sounds annoying.

3 Cats increase children's resistance to allergies

According to a study by the National Institutes of Health, infants under 12 years of age are less likely to develop allergies if exposed to cats. Marshall Plaut, of the Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said children who spend time with their cats in infancy are less likely to develop allergies to grass, house dust mites, and swine flu. If you are worried about bringing your cat together with your child, you do not have to worry anymore. Children's immune system will be stronger thanks to cats.

Effects of cats on mental health

Cats have positive effects on mental health as well as physical health of owner. Here is an example:

1 Cats improve sleep quality

Cats spend most of the day sleeping, but most people lack sleeping time. According to a survey conducted in the United Kingdom, cats help their masters sleep and many people grow cats to sleep well. This tendency was particularly strong in women. You can have a place where a cat can sleep in your bedroom and sleep well next to your cat during the night or nap time.

2 Cats greatly reduce anxiety and stress

When you raise cats, certain chemical hormones are secreted. This hormone, which makes you feel calm, greatly reduces your anxiety and stress levels. Feelings can be completely changed by just stroking a cat. How about spending more time with your cat to reduce stress?

3 It is good to watch the video with the cat

If you are worried about leaving your cat alone at home for a while, you may want to show a cat-related video. Researchers at the Bloomington campus of the University of Indianapolis have studied a total of 7,000 participants and found that cats experience online cats' Cat videos are not a waste of time.

4 Cats have positive effects on emotional and social health

According to the Eastern Daily Brief, animals such as cats can help improve the owner's social and emotional health. The interaction between a cat and a person is similar to that between a person and a person. Cats are as tender as dogs and provide emotional needs to their caregivers. Also, while caring for the cat every day, the carer feels rewarding. They provide food for cats, provide a place for them to be at ease, take them to a vet where they can be examined, and cats stay with their caregivers to express their gratitude. Talking to other people about cats or participating in meetings with other cat caregivers can also help to improve sociality.

Cats not only become good friends, but they also improve their health.

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