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The big crow is a clever bird. Because it is a pet as well. A big crow has a habit of holding things and hiding them in their own places, which can be embarrassing, but it is well worth the special pets.

The big crow is one of the smartest birds. You can solve complex problems and protect yourself when you face predators or difficult situations. It coexists with people in the countryside or farmhouse, and there are various habitats such as coniferous forests, coastal areas, islands, mountainous areas, and grasslands.

The big crow has black feathers and is big. With its long tail and wings, it flies in the sky with its elegant wings. You can roll or run in the air, and you have more than enough skill.

A large crow can live in the wild for up to 21 years. Their favorite habitat outside the city is highlands and shrubbery. They prefer mountainous terrain or national parks.

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A clever romper

A large crow is depicted as a symbolic being in many literary works or as a sharp-eyed creature detailing things. In some cultures it is related to death or misfortune, but it also symbolizes God and divine change. The Vikings sacred a large crow. The British have a close relationship with the big crows in their real life. Adrian Allen believed the big crow to be a very unsettling creature.

The belief that a big crow is a smart bird is not a novel. This is a scientifically proven fact and is more intelligent than we think. In fact, the word new head is not a word that can be attached to a large crow. According to a study published in the journal Science, a large crow can plan ahead. This is a characteristic that can only be seen in mammals.

For the experiment, we put a tool in the large raven trapped in us to pick food. Twenty-four hours later, I put a number of tools back to use to feed the big crows again. The big crows picked up exactly the tools they used 24 hours ago and used them again. This problem-solving experiment did not pass the monkey.

Also, a large crow is good at stealing. They use high intelligence to distinguish valuable items and exchange food and stolen goods.

American Truman Capote actor raised a large crow as a pet. The bird he kept was stealing things such as the owner's cufflinks, car keys, and torn book pieces. One day Capote performed one small experiment. He took away the golden ring he had and hid it. But the bird again stole the ring from his den.

The big crow also imitates human responses or words. When his partner dies, they cry out loudly and express their condolences.

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How to raise a big crow

As a pet, a large crow is similar to a large parrot. It is fun to raise a child like temperament.

A big crow likes outdoor life because of its special flying ability. They act and throw objects, and they endlessly cry. Therefore, if you put it in the narrow we can get depressed.

The big crow decides how to eat and how to communicate in his own way. To play with this bird you have to invest a lot of time and know when to stop. Be careful because angry big crows use sharp beaks.

Large crows living in North America, Europe, and Asia are continental species. Because of this, wildlife regulations have been enacted that prohibit illegal possession. In the United States, it is a safe and secure way to purchase large, non-US native crows.

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