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Cute cheats with pig nose, exploring pig snake charm

When it comes to snakes, it comes to fearsome creatures that swallow sharp teeth, deadly poison, huge food.

On the other hand, snakes with cute looks, gentle and timid personality, and poor acting ability are seen as pets.

The small snake 'Hognose smake' has a pork-topped jack-o-choco. Nature is timid and conceals when predators appear in the wild. Also, in the case of the eastern porcine snake, if you feel threatened, stick your tongue out and pretend to be dead.

General Information

1. Scientific name: ▲ Western pig coin - Heterodonasikusu ▲ Eastern pig coin - Heterodon Platyrhinus ▲ Southern pig coin - Heterodoniumsu

2. Size: The biggest breed is eastern pig coin. It grows up to 120cm, but most species grow to within 100cm when they are caught. Females are larger than males and have a lifespan of 8 to 10 years.

Physical feature

The eastern porcine coin is the largest breed, and the southern porcine coin is the smallest. Most of the varieties that are raised as pets are western porcine snake. The fangs of the pig snake are located at the back of the mouth and are weak but toxic. This is useful for hunting the toad, which is a natural enemy. Toxicity itself is weak enough to poison people, not classified as a poison.

The hog hog habitat is found in western Texas, New Mexico, southern Canada, and eastern hog coins are found in Minnesota and southern New Hampshire, Florida, Texas and Kansas. Meanwhile, the hogs of southern porcine cochin are North Carolina, Florida and Mississippi.

Choosing the right pig swine for your pet

Before adopting a pig snake, it is a good idea to ask about the type and number of food, the time of the last feeding, and the time of the excretion. Since the snake can not identify the ribs with the naked eye, make sure that there is no bent area when fully extended.

For those with little experience in raising snakes, it is a good idea to adopt a puppy that can affectionate them from the beginning.

Behavior and temperament

Pork hatching is active during the day, and if the temperature is too high, it tends to dig into the ground and hide. It mainly feeds the toads with food, and hunts the animals with the food using the jacks. If threatened, he pretends to lift his head like a cobra, but does not actually attack. If this trick does not work, reveal the stomach and pull out the tongue and pretend to be dead. If it is extremely frightening, it will discharge musk.

Pig breeding

Cage Pig The coin is inherently small and does not require a large cage, but it must be guaranteed that it will not reach one end when you reach it. Since wild pigcorn likes to dig the oysters in the humus, it is advisable to mix safely soil and sand into reptiles in the cage to dig the oysters and put them high enough to breathe.

It is not known whether the pig's ability to climb, but it's a good idea to stop the top of the cage with a stopper to prevent it from escaping. In addition, the cage should be equipped with a bowl of water high enough for the pigs to climb.

In addition, UVB illumination should be maintained at 12-hour intervals. The sun bathing position should be kept at 29.5 ~ 32 ℃ and the shaded position should not go below 21 ℃.

Feeding a pig snake?

The eastern porcine snake is difficult to feed when caught. Initially, you can start with crickets crushed with calcium powder, and you can feed mice according to your growth.

Young pigs need to feed several times a week, but adult pigs can give a feed once a week.

One of the signals the pig snakes send when they are hungry is the act of opening their mouths when the master approaches. This means that you are ready to swallow the food.

General health problems

Pig cohorts are vulnerable to respiratory system infections like other reptiles. Symptoms of respiratory disease include wheezing, breathing, spitting, and lethargy. Snakes are often subjected to repeated respiratory tract infections due to improper humidity.

Infectious stomatitis is a disease that snake may catch, causing bubbles or inflammation around the mouth. This is a painful symptom, so if you do not get it, you can get rid of it. And because snakes are vulnerable to fungal infections, they can cause skin discoloration or molting problems.

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