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Dog owners want to go with them rather than leave them alone at home. This is very natural.

For example, a dog owner goes to his bank to go to a bank, go to the supermarket, or go to his house after he has a dog in his car.

At this time, the puppy is left alone in the car. If I open the window a little, I think the dog will be alone in the car for a few minutes. But this is a huge mistake.

According to the American Veterinarians Association, hundreds of pets per year die from heat stroke in cars due to the misjudgment of pet owners. People think that it is not a big deal to put a pet in a car for a few minutes, but in fact, a car placed under the sun turns into a hot tortoise, no matter how open the window is.

One expert said, "Air is not flowing because a window is opened a little. Although the heat inside the car is emitted outside, the temperature inside the car does not drop because fresh air does not enter the car. Even if you open all the windows of your car little by little, the airflow is not enough. "

Vehicle internal temperature, go up in a second

Maybe people think it would be okay to leave the puppy in the car if the weather was not that hot. But no matter what the outside temperature is, the car can be heated like a hot oven in a matter of minutes.

The internal temperature of the vehicle can rise to about 43 degrees Celsius in 20 minutes and up to about 46 degrees Celsius in 30 minutes. After one hour, the internal temperature of the car goes up to over 50 degrees Celsius.

The dog's normal body temperature is 38.5 to 39.5 degrees Celsius. If a puppy is left alone in a hot car, and the temperature rises above 40 degrees Celsius, the life of the dog becomes dangerous.

Dogs are sweating like a person and can not control their body temperature, so they push out their tongue and pant and adjust their body temperature. So dogs should do a lot more effort than people to lower their body temperature.

In other words, people can enjoy the benefits of sweating in a hot environment like a sauna, but dogs are not.

When the temperature of dogs increases, the dog falls into a panic and scratches with claws everywhere to escape from hot spots, but it is useless. As body temperature goes up, liver, kidney, and brain functions slowly stop. The function of the internal organs may stop, causing vomiting, heart attack, or death. This is a very painful way to death.

In addition, if the temperature of the dog is increased, it may cause a sense of loss of direction, depression, lethargy, mental disorder, tremor, and seizures.

Coping with Dog Heat Stroke

If a puppy has signs of heatstroke, instability, excessive thirst, excessive salivation, lethargy, loss of appetite, tongue color change, rapid heartbeat, fever, vomiting, etc., immediately move the dog to a cool place and take it to the vet.

Feed water to dogs and give towels moistened in cold water to dog breasts, belly, and groin. However, ice water is not used because it is too cold. If the temperature of the dog is too fast, it causes a bigger problem, so the temperature of the dog gradually decreases.

If you find a dog left alone in someone else's car and can not help you, please contact your car owner or contact the animal shelter.

The death rate of dogs due to heat stroke is as high as 50%. If a dog left alone in the car has survived luckily, stay in the hospital for 24 to 48 hours and watch the progress. Depending on the condition of the dog, cooling therapy, oxygen therapy, etc. should be tried.

It's not a cruel accident, it's a crime.

Many pet owners leave the dog alone in the car without thinking about the worst consequences, but this should be viewed as a criminal act, not an accident that happened as a result of unintended consequences.

In the United States, Arizona, California, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont and West Virginia, .

In May, the Michigan Senate committee passed a bill that would impose a maximum of five years' imprisonment if an animal were allowed to die in a car.

Senator Curtis Hultel said, "These bills are not for punishment, but for people's awareness and educational effectiveness. People should know how dangerous it is to put a dog in the car alone. "

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