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Most people will agree that birds have as many charms as feathers. Thanks to the birds are also widely loved pets. Many people use bird feeders instead of capturing birds to attract birds on their own. According to an article in Pet Tails Magazine, "winged wildlife" will often come when food and water are left outside the home. A small fountain, faucet, or spray can be placed in the yard for a better effect. If you want to diversify the birds in the front yard, it is helpful to have a variety of foods. The website mentioned above suggests that if you want to see hummingbirds and non-edible algae, you should leave a food bottle filled with sugar water. If you want to see the autumnal bellflower, you can put a thistle on the feeder. Besides food and water, there are useful items that can attract birds. It is a 'shelter or safe space'. Wild birds will love the relaxed space where they can comfortably feed themselves or protect themselves from other animals. It is effective to place feeders near large bushes or dense trees that birds prefer. However, the website warns that other animals may come in separately from birds. Squirrels that hang around the yard will also noticeably increase. To prevent squirrels from stealing birds' food, it is better to put a scarecrow or a squirrel blocker in the feeder. In addition to squirrels, there are other rodents that are attracted to the seeds thrown by the birds. Therefore, it is good to disperse the attention by putting a large cone or tray around the food trough. In this case, the seeds are not scattered and rodents can be prevented from coming into the vicinity.

▲ Photo Source: Pixar Bay

You can raise wild birds as pets, but it is okay to feed the tired wild birds with long flights. But Karin Harting, an activist at wildlife rehabilitation centers, claims that wild birds should never be raised as pets on the South Coast Sun website. According to an article on the Web site, a stray dog ​​that was raised in a pet was discovered recently. Until then, this bird lived in a small us built for the parrot. It was also raised in the wrong diet, such as rice or cheese. Hadding explains that the young starling is at risk of losing sight due to diabetes. Hattering was disappointed by the fact that the starling was losing health and original charm. This starling was suffering from severe iron and vitamin C deficiency. These wild birds should do enough to make their mind and body healthy. However, this poor starling has rarely had the experience of living alone in a cramped cage, moving or flying. "I hope that this information will prevent people from raising wild birds as pets," Harting said. "All wild birds have very limited dietary habits," he said, adding that trying to breed wild birds like regular pet birds is never desirable.
▲ Photo Source: Pixar Bay
In general, birds can be pets. But wild birds are different. Some of the 'birds that can be brought up with children' introduced by Pettail Magazine are listed below. The first is a small species of Budgerigar, commonly referred to as "macaw". Sometimes referred to as 'parrot' or 'naked'. These birds are colorful, funny, bright and cheerful. At first, they seem to be afraid of strange places, but they get friendly because they are sociable. Small in size is good for children to grow. The second is the medium-sized parrot Pionus. This species is good for pet beginners and children. It is easy to grow because the personality is not difficult. The feathers of Pierce are so beautiful that they can not stand anywhere. Blue hair and olive green color stand out. Third, crown parrots are known as 'cairns'. This species has a subtle and relaxed character. It is often described as 'the most lovely parrot' in various introductions. If you are lucky, you can learn a few words and follow them. The birds listed above are popular and popular because they are easy to train and easy to train. Other parrots get a bit more difficult to handle when they start mating, but parrots, peonies, and crown parrots go through this period without problems.

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