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Nathan rises as an Australian Internet star from a kitten abandoned in the middle of the highway. Ryan and Melissa, who adopted Nathan, always carried these kittens to the beach. And Nathan is now a swimmer who is swimmer than anyone else. Dismisses life-style cats.

Insta Gram Star

Nathan is the protagonist of all the pictures taken by his parents. Nathan 's Instastagram, which opened last September, is full of pictures of Nathan from Ryan and Melissa. The account was rumored to be on the Internet in just a few months and gained an estimated 28,000 followers in a month. Nathan is a female, but his name comes from the character 'Angry Boy'.

Pirate Cat

Like Nathan, Scar was also a painful cat. Savannah Annas, a marine biologist, discovered that an eye infection was life threatening. Because the infection was located close to the brain, Anas discovered that the cat was life-threatening and took her to a vet. At that time, Ska only had a weight of 240 grams, so he could connect his body to a medical device and his breathing tube did not fit well. The survival probability after surgery was 50:50. I had to wear my own eye patch on the wound.

Ska's vision has been compromised by the infection, but now the kitten is having fun with hide-and-seek or hiking with her protégé Anas. When I go out to sea by boat, I always stay with my guardian.

A pair that does not suit

When you go to Tennessee in the United States, there are a couple of unacceptable animals found in trash cans. These were kittens and kitten raccoon, which were rescued by animal rescue at the time. The kitten was moved to an animal shelter and raccoon was wild.

Outback Traveling Friends

Willow, a lucky cat adopted by a travel explorer, has traveled 50,000 kilometers in six cities and two parts of Australia with a camping van. They enjoyed rugged roads, including the Great Barrier Reef, camping in the mountains, and the East was adventurous enough to sell everything for the trip and even quit the job. We are now enjoying the nomadic life by meeting Willow, a new life friend.

Some people wonder East is making Willow a travel friend, but East says the cats are pretty cool and love what they do. Of course, for the sake of the cat's safety, hang a collar to track Willow. Earlier this year, they finished their road trips in Australia, but their trips will not stop.

Canadian cat adoption event

The Alberta Animal Rescue Society Association (AARCS) hosted a unique cat event on Tuesday (local time). This is a cat adoption event that was designed as a way to alleviate the surplus when the number of cats in the shelter increases and it no longer receives new cats.

AARCS's cat meister Kelsey Skola says she does not want to reject new cats, but there are more than 350 cats already, and adoption is slowing. Adoption rates for cats adopted for this event are $ 25 for kittens six months old, $ 75 for kittens, and $ 45 for two cats. Neutralization and vaccination, microchip implantation, and so on, all said.

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