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Cats are also said to be able to carry rabies and give people a deadly health threat. It is a well-known fact that the dog that carries the rabies is a dog, and this disease can also be transmitted to humans. However, there are people who do not know that the risk of rabies can come from other animals. Cats can also get rabies, which can spread to other animals or humans. So how can we protect ourselves from rabies?

Cat rabies cases announced in USA

On November 13, 2018, a patient battled by a street cat in South Carolina was treated, according to an article published by Foreign Media 7 News. This street cat appeared to be rabies-positive. Only 90 patients were treated with cat rabies in South Carolina this year.

Data from the Health and Environmental Control Agency (DHEX) say rabies is often transmitted when animals bite. An animal's saliva from a rabies infection infects animals and humans through fresh bruises. However, this is not the only way rabies is transmitted. The virus spreads when saliva and nerve cells come into contact with rabies in areas such as ▲ mouth ▲ nose ▲ eyes.

In addition, David Vaughan, DHEC's chief of rabies prevention, told me important facts to remember.

Information about cat rabies

Pet MD's article clearly shows the risk for rabies. Rabies is a viral disease that affects both the mammal and the central nervous system of humans, and can lead to death because it is directly transmitted to the spine and brain. Each state in the United States annually reports cases of rabies except Hawaii. Approximately 50,000 people have died from rabies, and millions of animals are infected with rabies.

Some cats are more exposed to the risk of rabies. It will be infected by going around the house freely without receiving vaccine treatment. You can go out and battle with street cats, dogs, or other wild animals, where the animal's saliva from the rabies can penetrate the wound and spread the disease.

Currently, rabies is not well represented among dogs because of the owners who are familiar with the available vaccination programs, but wild cats are at a higher risk of becoming carriers of rabies viruses.

There is no precise test to diagnose rabies in animals that are susceptible to infection. Currently, animal experts can only do fluorescent antibody testing. However, there is a problem with its efficacy because it may be done after the infected animal has died. Rabies also have a latency period of one year or more after one week. When the virus starts to work, the symptoms will begin to appear one by one.

Cats fight against rabies

Infected cats do not immediately notice symptoms.

In general, the symptoms of rabies are as follows: ▲ fragile ▲ increased voice tone ▲ anorexia ▲ aggression ▲ seizure ▲ disorientation ▲ lethargy ▲ paralysis ▲ sudden change of behavior ▲ not calm

In fact, prevention is the most important because there is no cure for rabies, and rabies causes death. There is a vaccination that can be prevented. For the safety of family and cats, never inoculate or overlook the vaccination.

The good reason for the vaccination is that cat can help prevent rabies from getting hurt. If a cat at home is bothered by other street cats or dogs, the risk is significantly reduced.

Neighboring cats may not have been vaccinated against rabies. They are also exposed to the risk of rabies. Experts say that in addition to vaccinating cats, it is best to nurture them indoors. In this way, the risk of rabies can be reduced by avoiding contact with other animals.

Never let animals and cats bounce around outside. In addition, immunization should be done as soon as possible and necessary preventive measures should be taken. It is a good idea to use all of the pet vaccination programs.

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