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Cats are very independent animals. So I like to be alone, or people who are busy in their daily lives prefer cats as pets. But you should not let cats stay alone for too long. A cat is an animal that cleans itself by grooming itself, but it can cause health problems while the cat is not aware of it. The cat is grooming and spreading the whole oil evenly throughout the body. The problem is that the cats can get a lot of oil or dust on the part where they can not groom themselves. So, cats should also bathe regularly. However, cats generally do not like water, so bathing is not easy.

If you do not bat your cat for too long, it may cause the skin of your cat to peel off or become infected. In addition, fleas or parasites can attach to cat skin and cause more disease.

When the flea bites the cat's skin, the bacteria enters the cat's body. This bacterium causes pruritus, causing the cat to over scratch the body. Then the skin will be hurt and another infection will occur. It may also cause hair loss or an allergic reaction. If the flea is too much, the cat can cause anemia because of the blood that the fleas have slaughtered.

Do not use the shower from the beginning if you want to bathe your cat. Take water in the basin and let the cat slowly adjust to the water to avoid embarrassment. Wet the water slowly from the back of your neck by hand. First, wipe the body first, then wash with shampoo for cats. Be careful that the shampoo does not enter your cat's ears, eyes, nose or mouth. Shampoo for people should never be used. This is because the cat crabs contain very strong chemicals. If possible, use a cat shampoo with no added incense and chemicals. You may choose a product that contains an essence that stabilizes the cat. If you are worried, let's listen to the experts. When shampooing, the cat rubs softly and weakly.

When rinsing the shampoo, spray the water with your hands to keep the cat from being surprised. If the cat seems to have gotten used to bathing to some extent, you can use a shower. Rinse thoroughly to make sure there is no shampoo left on the cat's body. The shampoo residue is a bad stimulus for cat skin, so be cautious as the cat enters the cat's mouth whenever it is groomed. When drying cats, use a towel or dryer in a warm room. If the cat is afraid of the sound of the dryer, it should be in an enclosed space so that it can escape somewhere. If you are a long-haired or double-breasted cat, dry it with a dryer for about 10 minutes and comb the hair with a comb to avoid tangling. If you do not dry your cat hair properly, keep your skin wet and you will get worse. If your cat is unfamiliar with bathing, and you have never taken a bath before, you should wait patiently and take a bath slowly to make sure your cat is not surprised.

Clean the house

To keep fleas from sticking to your cat's body, you need to keep your house clean. Vacuum the carpet, bedding, and sofas. This is because fleas and flea eggs and larvae live mainly in these areas. Also clean the bottom of the furniture or the corner.

Cat Supplies

Cat products that help prevent ticks and fleas can also be used. However, you must use cat-only products. The use of dog-specific products in cats can cause side effects.

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