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Have you ever experienced a puppy barking when you leave home? This may be evidence that the puppy is suffering from separation anxiety.

According to online media buzz, puppies may suffer from separation anxiety, and this separation anxiety has several factors, depending on age and species. Many situations cause anxiety, for example, in the case of adoption dogs, memories may have come to the former owners before being rescued, and they may be recalling the longevity of shelter in the shelter for a long time without adoption. These animals did not intentionally run around the house but ran home in fear that they might be left alone.

What is separation anxiety in dogs?

The Rover says that this type of anxiety is a symptom of the tension that a puppy feels when his or her master leaves or leaves. Studies of animal behaviorists have also shown that these behaviors are seen primarily in panic conditions.

Typical actions include: crying loudly, constantly barking, walking around the house and crushing objects, and, if serious, injuring yourself with excessive activity. Certain species, even a person, hang on to him and continue to need the master. You have to give constant attention and conviction, but it can not be done when the owner goes to work.

What is the solution?

Depending on the degree of anxiety the puppy has, there are many ways to treat the symptoms and it may take a long time to get a positive effect. However, it is advisable to install a security camera or closed-circuit television to watch the puppy's activities. Apps are also available, so you can use your smartphone to see what the puppy is doing. If the level of anxiety is low, it is better to ignore the behavior of the puppy and it may be good for the puppy to leave the house as usual. This is because it gives you the impression that leaving your home is not a big deal.

According to Mercury News, a puppy can be given a toy to keep him from bothering or breaking things in the house as he did before. It is also good to make a good gift when you listen to the word, and to make sure that the owner will be compensated if you are quiet while you are away from home. This makes the puppy more independent and caring.

Spreading attention with things allows the puppy to remain calm instead of feeling discarded. It is also good to leave your recently worn out clothes and take your pick. This makes the puppy gentle, and eventually you will not get the feeling of being abandoned even if you can not see your owner.

However, if the dog has a high degree of anxiety, it is a good idea to ask an expert or animal behaviorist for help. The situation becomes even worse because it does not eat or is self-studying. In the Parade, some veterinarians have prescribed medicines to treat these anxieties. Representative drugs include, but are not limited to, siloleo, alprazolam, fluoxetine, and clomipramine. Antidepressants used in humans, whether believing or not, are also used in dogs. Just keep in mind that it is dangerous to prescribe medication to a dog without the advice of a veterinarian.

The behavior of the puppy barking every time he leaves the house can be repaired sufficiently. It is also good to see activities that can be done with a puppy with the help of an expert. But without the owner's active attention, the puppy's separation anxiety symptoms may get worse.

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