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My most important thing is my child. Even if a pet is a family member, it will have a lower rank than his own child.

A baby breathing in the mothers' wombs for 10 months begins to be exposed to various pathogens and dusts as they breathe air as they are born in the world. A newborn baby is weak. When the pathogens that break down the immune system penetrate into the baby's body, the baby gets sick easily.

Is it okay to have a baby and a pet together? You may think it can be harmful to your baby's health because it carries parasites and pathogens attached to animal hair and feces.

However, studies have shown that babies living with pets are more immune than those who do not. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your baby's health if you raise your pet.

However, dogs and cats, which are the most popular pets, are predators that feed on rodents. They have sharp claws and sturdy teeth that can cause fatal injuries to the baby.

Let's find out about behaviors and precautions that parents should do before pet and baby are united.

When a dog (dog) and a baby live together

The dog basically recognizes the owner as the upper level. Therefore, in order to take up the love of the owner, even if it becomes a dog, I will charm and try to receive the love of the owner.

Basically, dogs can stay friendly with other animals, but if the baby suddenly enters their area, the dog will be alert. Here, when the baby is not interested or neglected by the dog after it is born, the dog can regard the baby as an object of jealousy.

Dogs are highly sociable, but they are more likely to rank if they are coming to the house where they live. The baby is no exception, so in a dog 's position, the baby is sometimes attacked by recognizing it as a place to fight to secure a positional superiority.

Especially when a dog sleeps on the bed with his master or goes up to the table, I am in the same order as his owner. It can be dangerous if the baby comes in suddenly in this state.

Therefore, it is important to let the dog smell the baby's smell when the baby is brought home from home after the baby's birth. Also, when the baby comes in, he or she should isolate the baby for a while until he gets used to it.

It is important for the baby to be impressed by the dog after the baby and the dog have joined together, that the baby is not the competitor of the owner's love but the next higher than the owner. Dogs are better for males than females. Especially for female dogs who have experience of birth, they are better for the baby because they recognize the baby as a soft baby.

When a cat and a baby live together

Recently, cats with a high preference in the pet market have noticed that their claws and teeth cause their babies and cats to harm their babies when they live together. There are many people who worry. Especially because cats prefer to be alone in familiar areas, would not it be a problem if the baby comes in suddenly? There are a few prospective parents who worry.

But cats are surprisingly easy to get with the baby than dogs. Unlike a dog in a vertical relationship with its owner, a cat maintains a horizontal relationship with its owner.

Although it may seem prudish at first sight, many of these relationships are unexpectedly good with other animals, and living with a baby does not cause any problems.

However, if a baby with a strange smell comes in, the cat may show a rejection reaction such as mandibular gland. In this case, let the baby smell the baby's clothes, etc., and mark the baby's smell as familiar.

After the baby is discharged from the hospital, do not let him come to the house immediately. When the baby and the cat are separated from each other, the baby and the cat can sleep well without problems.

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