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Humanity is constantly evolving. In keeping with this, technology also makes progress and affects human life and changes the way of life. This is manifested by various changes in society. Parents are also part of this change. Many people grow up to form a family and have children. And there is a change in the traditional values ​​and perceptions that have been used before, and new ways of not existing exist.

In this sense, humans evolved and gave birth to modern parents who are transforming existing definitions. Especially, the younger generation is becoming more familiar with technology and experiencing diverse lives than the previous generation, and has a great influence on child rearing. It was a generation with a different mindset and awareness than the baby boom generation, which was the responsibility of parents in the past.

Let's meet the parents of the younger generation, Millennium generation, of the present age who are making the standards of new parents.

Dad active in child rearing

Media media 'Millennium Marketing' cited a recent survey that about 45% of Millennials' fathers were more involved in parenting than their parents of previous generations. Some of them appeared to be more active in their care, such as taking care of their children at home while their spouses were working, and they refused to think that their husbands should be responsible for their families' lives. This also affected the way the children were raised. Parents believe that they should all have equal opportunities in life, regardless of their gender. The society is changing according to this atmosphere. Nowadays, even if you do not go to work, there are more and more jobs that you can do at home, which is the most desirable structure for your millenial generation parents.

"Millennial generation parents who give autonomy instead of strict parents and make decisions for themselves"

Of course, many millennial generations still work overtime at work. However, there are also many ways to spend more time with children at home. This is very different from the way that has traditionally been seen in past generations. Most of the millenial generation parents think that spending quality time with their children is far more important than everything else, as it is moving away from stereotypes about the sex role of husbands and wives in the past.

It also shows a different approach to parenting than previous generations, showing a much less stringent parent than previous generations due to the busy schedule, the rapid development of technology, and the resulting social change. It is not to overlook and teach children about phenomena or things happening around them, but to show them and let the child awaken themselves.

I try to avoid an autocratic appearance and not to have a bad influence on the viewpoint of the child. Instead, it gives children the freedom to choose what they want to do, their interests, and their interests, while emphasizing the positive side. Especially, it shows the aspect of emphasizing this more in life and living.

Parenting method of Millennium generation

According to Mother's Day, the parenting model, most of the Millennials' parents do not limit the child-rearing law to one. There are a variety of ways to teach children, and it is important to realize that it is important to use them effectively. There is no single standard, and I believe there are more options because there are as many books and other materials available online.

In particular, through social media, they interact with other parents in similar positions to raise children and obtain advice and information on parenting. These online relationships are useful for finding ways to solve problems in child care or family life. This is different from the way that the parents of the past 90s took it. In addition, the approach to children's freedom also has a more relaxed and relaxed attitude. Help your child develop independence instead of reducing dependence on parents.

It is also more open to decision making. Involve as many children as possible to help them think about problems that can happen in real life, and to help them present alternatives to the course of action. And it does not teach you to have your identity and to follow the opinions of others around you unconditionally. All these parenting methods are expected to play a major role in making children more open and able to make their own lives.

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