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What if a child who was so cute was suddenly staring at her eyes all of a sudden and saying that she did not like it?

A child 's rebellion is the season of trials for all parents. Even if you know it in advance, the feeling of the parent who listens to the child's 'dislike' is really dropped to hell. It is easy to get angry and upset, but only the injuries are left in the emotional state here. So what should we do?

Parenting without end. Let's find out how to react wisely to your children who are rebellious.

To talk about the rules

Cheryl Butler, author of Child Development Specialist and Parenting White Paper Mighty Mami, explained that there is a reason for everything when a child starts a rebellious or challenging behavior. It may just be that the child is trying to attract the attention and affection of the parents, or that they are stressed in school or college life, and sometimes where their actions can go, It is. Parents need to have enough time and try to understand why the child behaves this way. It can be a good strategy for parents to let the child take responsibility for their actions.

Butler emphasized that children should know the rules as family members. The rules here are generally acceptable behaviors such as completing homework, doing housework, and what time should you come home. These issues should be discussed when the relationship with the child is good and good, and it is not advisable to talk about the rules suddenly after a certain event has occurred.

Just spending time with your child and telling your child about unacceptable behavior in the home. The purpose should be to teach that there is a consequence to follow if you do not obey the rules, not to suppress your children to obey the rules, for example by doing rude acts, not helping with housework, or biting and hitting.

Avoid energy consumption

Butler also said that parents should be able to consume energy wisely when educating their children. Even when there is a good relationship between the child and the parent, the act of nurturing itself is very difficult, so if one of your children does something wrong, it can be difficult and painful.

For example, if a child wants to dress in a trendy style, parents do not need to spend the day feeling bad because they do not want the style. If a child is dressed differently due to parental oppression, it can be felt as a feeling of lagging behind peers. It is important to realize that if you do not change your attitude and stereotypes first in communication with your child, you can not make a smooth conversation.

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I need calm rather than emotional response.

It is absolutely wrong to lose control and anger at the moment of capturing a child's rebellious and challenging behavior. Instead, tell your child that this behavior is unacceptable in a calm, calm, but decisive tone, and then later discuss the consequences of that behavior. In this case, the child can think about his / her behavior and the result, and some fear can occur. In other words, this method can provide a peaceful solution without inducing harm to parents and children.

However, the consequences of behavior directed at the child are effective and should be appropriate at the age of the child. There are two ways to do this: first, there is an 'imposition' method that adds penalties, penalties, and chores; there is a 'removal' method that restricts activities that the child likes or disallows. In both of these ways, you can use what is right and acceptable to your child.

Humor is always right.

Sarah McLaughlin, a child care specialist with 20 years of on-the-job experience, advised parents should be able to take advantage of the sense of nursing. A wise sense of humor can sometimes be a very valuable child care method. For example, if a child does not want to brush his teeth, the parent can joke that his child is smiling and can listen to his mother, saying "I have to clean my nose and ears because my mouth is closed" rather than anger. However, when using this method, you should make a sound joke. It is not good to be sarcastic or sarcastic. It is a good idea to pick a joke that will help your child feel better.

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