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A terrible insect, a wart known for eating females after mating. But nowadays it is emerging as a pet insect. Let's find out all about the warts.

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According to National Geographic, 'praying mantis', a unique English name for warts, was attached due to the bent legs. It is characterized by the fact that the leg is bent when waiting for food, and this shape is similar to the attitude of prayer. But it is not just these attitudes that make warts interesting.

A mantis is the only insect that can completely turn its head to 180%. This ability to rotate the head is only due to the flexible joint between the breast and head.

Another feature is the fact that there is only one ears. The ears are below the stomach and above the hind legs, and this feature interferes somewhat in identifying the frequency or location of the wart. However, sonic detection of the predator bats can detect the ultrasound they emit, so they have the ability to know that the bat is nearby. When a bat is detected, the wart stops its work and immediately falls to the ground, avoiding the crisis.

In addition, warts are animals that undergo incomplete transformation from birth to small wingless creatures without going through larval stages. After a few times of molting, it will grow into an adult. Some use warts for relieving pests, but they are not necessarily considered good insects because they eat prune, which is a moisture source, or edible insects that enter food.

Currently there are more than 2,000 species of warts on the planet. Some of these gowns fall into the hands of those who desire unique pets, among which African warts are among the most suitable warts for beginners. Warts grow up to 15 cm depending on sex and species. The average life expectancy is about one year, but half of them are living in the adult. Cockroaches and termites are close to each other, all of which are known to originate from common ancestors.

The habitat is tropical, distinguishable by size, shape and color. Some warts are strong against camouflage, camouflaged to look like twigs, branches, or crumpled, shaped leaves. Or, on the contrary, it boasts a very colorful color that looks like a bright flower, tempting food. They all belong to the vernacular carnivores that feed on insects, small amphibians and reptiles. In particular, the speed of catching prey is similar to the speed of lightning. I grab the food firmly and eat it, but there is a sharp thorn on the forelegs.

(Source: Pixar Bay)

Wart growing

It is a good idea to keep one pet in a small tank if you grow it as a pet because it is a predatory animal that naturally eats all the other species and eats all other insects and small creatures. If it is 0.1m2 in size, there is no problem in molting. If it is bigger than this, it may be a little difficult to hunt for food. The top and sides of the tank should be made of mesh material and made safe. Mixing soil and peat, or sand and vermiculite, of about 2 ~ 5cm on the floor is the optimum environment because moisture can be maintained. Also, while molting, hang branches on the top of the tank so that the warts can hang.

The temperature of the tank is slightly different depending on the species, so you should search for information on the characteristics of the species you have selected and the habitat environment to create the appropriate conditions. For African warts it is usually best to have between 21 and 30 degrees. Small heat sinks that are used to grow reptiles or hermit crabs help provide additional heat.

Humidity and water also vary by species. For example, African warts require about 60% humidity, and moisture can be sprayed into the tank. Put shallow water gravel or sponges in the shallow water dish to maintain the humidity of the tank. Warts are usually hydrated by spraying water droplets, but sometimes they also fill with water in the water dish. However, it is advisable to keep the humidity in the tank not too high. Fodder, fruit flies, insects, moths, etc., should feed enough vitamins to them to allow the warts to absorb their nutrients directly.

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