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[Issue] Why fish hide in aquarium

Photo Source: ML5 / Wikimedia Commons

In the aquarium, you can easily see the hiding between the plants and accessories in the tank, along with the sight of the many beautiful fish swimming while playing.

Is this behavior a shy fish? Experts say it is not. Fish are said to be able to hide because their surroundings are scary or uncomfortable.

The following are factors that make fish uncomfortable or frightening.

First, unfamiliar environment. This is the most probable explanation. Especially when fish have recently come to the aquarium, they will feel anxious about the new environment. After a few days, the fish will feel comfortable in the new environment and spend more time outside.

Sometimes they hide when they are harassed by other fish in the aquarium. Sometimes when a new fish comes in, the fish that was not originally aggressive turns aggressive. This is to keep his space from the new fish.

It is good to rearrange the aquarium decorations to calm the fish. This way the fish can start fresh and no fish need to defend their territory.

In a hideout, when there is only one place to hide, the fish stays around and hides when a dangerous moment comes.

If you provide more shelter, more fearful fish will come out more often. To build a cave, it is a good idea to build a stone, place a pottery on the floor, place a piece of wood with a hole in it, or leave something else to hide. When you feel that you have a lot of breathe, the fish feel more secure and they often break out.

In addition, fish species receiving the same species training group have a habit of hiding when they are in aquarium alone or in a group that is too small. Fish that move into groups should have at least four or five animals together.

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