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Sometimes people raise uncommon animals as pets. It is considered part of the tendency and lifestyle, but it does not manage properly and it is often a problem.

In particular, it grows reptiles and fills its curiosity. However, it is constantly questioned about the suitability of reptiles as pets with humans. Here is a real story that explains this well.

Salt Lake Reptiles

James Dix, a reptile rescue service provider in Salt Lake City, US, has become a hot topic of local news on 22nd (local time), leaving no snakes, crocodiles, turtles and spiders in a warehouse.

At the time, the warehouse staff told him that Dix would come back in two days to take the animals, but said he had not been contacted for over two weeks. Deeks later visited the warehouse only once, and the warehouse staff had to feed and manage the reptiles instead.

But Deix claims that his reptiles are not abused or abandoned. He said he could not care for animals in the last few days because he had a heart condition and had to stay at a hospital in Murray for surgery. According to local broadcasts, Deeks is expected to undergo a heart bypass surgery after a heart attack.

Deeks' reptiles were trapped in warehouses because they could not find a place to live with. In December, his building was sold, and he temporarily entrusted the reptiles to a store operated by his boss. However, until now, there is no city that welcomes reptiles.

Warehouse workers are also forced to contact local animal services with the death of a lizard and a few tortoises among the animals they have managed. Wildlife ministry officials rescued about 150 reptiles in the warehouse. According to Callista Pearson, spokesman for animal services, about a quarter of the 150 animals rescued were already malnourished. But Deix has already argued that the condition of some animals has been bad since he rescued them.

Deeks is currently under investigation for animal abuse and neglect. But he argues that if he had abused animals, he would not have been in business for the past 20 years. Sixty of the animals are currently in animal shelters and the rest are in the wildlife department.

Commodified animals

Dr. Michael Fox, an animal expert, pointed out that personal enjoyment, education, and scientific value of raising reptiles and amphibians are justified and justified in anthropocentric view. He said that this view is inconsistent with the vital ethical principles of veterinary medicine because animals are damaged and treated as commodities.

According to him, most of the animals sold as pets die in the first year of purchase. Factors that increase the mortality rate of animals include the stresses of catching and transporting.

For these reasons, many cities are now using policies that prevent reptiles from becoming pets. In particular, residents who want to build reptiles in Vancouver, Canada, have been forced to ask for help from the local organization 'RRAES (Reptile Rescue, Adoption and Education Society)'.

Val Lofvendahl, head of RRAES, said he had already received three lizards and a tortoise last weekend. According to him, the guardian who passed the animal is frustrated with the reality that he can no longer grow animals with the city's so-called "no pet" policy. The group manages not only reptiles but also animals inhabited by aquariums. They are also cooperating to find adoptive families with suitable conditions for lifelong rehabilitation when their rehabilitated health is restored.

The group said to those who would like to adopt reptiles, "It is not easy to look after and care for reptiles because their food and environmental requirements are quite tricky.

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