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[Issue] Shocking Lizard Genital Status

Photo Source: Pixar Bay

It has been discovered that four types of genital warts are traded on the Indian black market.

Wildlife Crime Investigator Hosea Raouls tracked the distribution process of the lizard penis as part of an investigation to arrest a store owner suspected of selling illegal goods using wild animals.

Aka Karaki Krishna, a former customs officer, is currently suspected of selling lizard genitalia as a shaman, operating a shop in the northern part of India in the northern part of India.

The genitals of the king lizard face both hands, and for this reason it is called Hattajodi, which means "two hands facing each other" in Hindi.

Sellers who illegally sell lizard genitals use their superstitious tendencies and tell their customers that lizard genitalia will bring good luck.

Merchants advertise their customers that lizard genitalia is a rare plant brought from a sacred place, such as Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha, or the pilgrim town of Amar Khantakra in central India.

Raouls said in 2016 that an intelligence agent brought him a sample of a lizard genital, telling him poachers were poaching king lizards for profit.

The source also reported that poachers saw a lizard killed and cut off the genitals of a male king lizard with a sharp knife. The genitalia thus extracted are sun-dried and traded on the black market of India and other countries.

Raouls also found that HaTaJoDi is under heavy trading, such as Amazon, Snapdill, eBay, and Alibaba, which are also trading at $ 5 to $ 70 on the Internet.

Nail D Cruz, a UK-based global wildlife adviser on animal protection around the world, said that "these online deals seem to be aimed at markets outside Europe, America or Canada."

Animal activists and judicial institutions are now in the process of conducting a full investigation of the king lizard algae.

Raouls said that 10 to 15 cases were newly registered, including the seizure of 210 Hattajodi.

Meanwhile, he installed a warning program that automatically monitors the computer when a new case of HaTaJoDe's trade is found online and displays a warning message.

Raouls also plans to create an education website to inform the public about illegal trade in lizard genitals.

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