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You may have heard of the new phrase "helicopter mam" or "lawn mower" at least once. The helicopter mam is a mother who walks around the child and tries to get through every step of the way, and the grass mowing mom is the mother who removes all the obstacles in front of the child. As such, overpopulation of parents' children and love of children over the province are troubling.

As a parent, the attitude of actively helping your child's life is a good attitude. Who can say this kind of love for your child? But recent research has proven that the love and protection you desire may be poisonous to your child.

Researchers at the University of Southern Mississippi in the United States have announced that such overprotection has a negative impact on children's mental health in 2017 academic research.

Studies have shown that these controls have a negative impact on behavior growth that is appropriate for a child's age. The child's ability to develop on his own is limited. Children with over-protection also have an increased risk of anxiety and depression.

The researchers also reported that if the children were under an overly interfering and overprotective mother during their early developmental stages, they later felt more anxious and their quality of life deteriorated. Mom loves and behaves in a way that makes the lives of the children harder and harder.

Reasons why over-parenting encourages children's anxiety

At Macquarie University in Australia, research shows that excessive involvement in the lives of children makes them anxious.

The researchers obtained these results from a study that tracked and surveyed 200 children and their mothers. The researchers observed the interrelationship between mothers and children. They conducted a questionnaire with questions such as "I decide which children my child will play with," and "I wear children even if they can dress themselves." As a result, it was confirmed that the children who were raised under the over-protective and controlling mother felt anxiety in life.

Macquarie University also emphasized the additional interaction between pets and children. Often, when overparenting, animals and children are thoroughly isolated.

Source: Pixar Bay

Parental unconditional support is wrong. Because of this overprotection and overfeeding, children sometimes become psychologically disturbed, become addicts to 'academic drugs', ruin their child's employment potential, put a great deal of stress on their parents, I am also. So what position would be preferable?

Above all, you should not look at your child like a delicate orchid. Parents have never been parents, and of course they have difficulty in raising children. If parents overprotect, they usually start with a fear of losing their children. However, parents should let their fear fade away so that their children can grow up in a bigger world.

Parents should trust their parents' minds. Only then can we nurture our children in a healthy way. It is important to remember that overprotective protection and intervention in children may harm the health and well-being of their beloved children.

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