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[Issue] New York auction house tries to bid Neil Armstrong


"A small step for humans, a huge leap for mankind"

This is what Neil Armstrong said when Apollo 11 was one of history 48 years ago.

Forty - eight years later, an anonymous bidder brought an item that was in the same place where the history was written to the New York City auction site for $ 18 million on June 20.

The item on the auction house was owned by Neil Armstrong, who had been in the Johnson Space Center in Houston, and it contained dust samples from the moon.

The auctioneers expected Neil Armstrong's bags to be available for $ 2 million to $ 4 million.

Reuters reported that the bags exhibited at the auction house, including the Apollo 13 mission plan, the space suits Gus Grissom wore, and the Apollo 11 of Buzz Aldrin taken on the moon, Reported.

No one knows for the past few decades whether the label "Lunar Sample Return" is on the bag before being found in Max Alley's garage.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has put the bag in the auction three times, but no bids were made in 2015.

Chicago-based lawyer Nancy Lee Carlson bought the bag for $ 995 in 2015.

As soon as Carlson bought the bag, he sent it to the screw to see if the bag was real.

NASA decided in a series of experiments to confirm that the bag was from Neil Armstrong, who boarded Apollo 11, and decided to keep the bag.

Carlson later sued NASA for the return of his suitcase, and this court dispute became known and potential buyers turned their eyes to it. Carlson decided to put the bag back in the auction.

A non-profit organization named For All Moonkind, established to urge the United Nations to preserve and protect the six Apollo moon landing sites, voiced criticism of these legal disputes .

The group said Armstrong's bag should be kept in the museum to share and celebrate the achievements of the world.

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