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Spiders are a lot of disgruntled people, but among some lovers they are lovely pets. Tarantula, a popular species, has an exotic appearance and is relatively easy to purchase.

If you are developing a spider for the first time, you should know how to manage tarantula. Things to know include the toxicity and habitat of tarantula.

First, you need to know if it is legitimate to raise tarantulas in your residence. In certain places and areas, it is prohibited to raise tarantula. Tarantula is classified as an endangered species, because it is toxic and can be dangerous.

Tarantula toxicity has individual differences. For some people, even low levels of toxicity can be fatal.

But tarantula is a charming pet that is fun to look at. Let's look at the kind of tarantula that is suitable for beginners.

Curly Hair Tarantula

Curly Hair Tarantula is covered with dark brown and black stiff hair. It has a chubby body and a golden glow. Curly Hair Tarantula has become popular as a new pet in recent years due to its ability to easily adapt to temperature. In addition, it is easy to manage because it can eat feed sold on the market including sale worm and cricket.

Wild Curly Hair Tarantula is a kind of bush, so it digs into the ground. This creature is also a pet that is easy to manage like a wolf spider. It is also good for beginners to build up their experience before raising a spider that requires strict management.

According to the pet specialist Pet Help Pool, it is not good to touch soft and sensitive curly hair tarantulas frequently. Spiders can easily be injured because they do not have muscles.

Chillian Rose Tarantula

Chilian rose tarantula is also an easy-to-buy spider species. It is nocturnal, and it lives mainly in the rocks in the wild.

The food is mostly omnivorous, eating crickets but eating anything. Especially, it is easy to nurture a beginner because the personality is in order and the need for management is small. You can also grow it in a small cage.

You should wear equipment that protects your eyes when cleaning or moving the cilium rose tarantula cage. NBC News reported that a man who raised a Chilean rose tarantula had been injured by the animal and had to be in tears, bloodshot, and sensitive to light for several weeks. As a result of the test, the hair of a Chilean rose tarantula was found in the eyes of this man.

Mexican Red Lent Tarantula

Mexican Red Lent Tarantula is a popular tarantula species, suitable for beginners.

This animal has a dark body, and the second joint of the leg is colored in various colors. Depending on the type purchased at the store, it is mostly red or orange.

Mexican Red Rat Tarantula is also gentle in nature, easy to manage, and capable of breeding in small capacity cages.

Slowly moving and graceful, the Mexican Red Lent Tarantula likes a warm, dry environment but is resistant to temperature changes. Also, it can adapt easily even if the environment changes.

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