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Parenting determines the most important part of your child's life. This includes the child's personality, friendship, and all the little things about personal development. However, parenting is not determined only by blood. Sometimes, they raise other children who are not related to their parents, and they are made through adoption.

There is no problem with adoption itself, but it is a somewhat sensitive subject in the family environment. There must be some preparation in every way, and there may be some difficulties in getting their children informed about the adoption plan. In addition to the foregoing, adoption requires the same responsibility as raising a child. In addition, the parents have the same obligations to their children, such as finances, parenting methods, and many other things to raise their newborns. Raising a baby from an orphanage requires knowledge and effort to grow into a balanced personality from the adoption of a new parent.

The first thing you need to know when nursing a child who is adopted in an orphanage is that some babies may have a slower growth. Dr. Lisa Albert Prok, director of the Adoption Program at Boston Children's Hospital, explained how parents should cope in this situation.

"Parents should play together with their children in verbal or non - verbal communication. In the early months of adoption, many adoptees can benefit from the local early intervention program. This program is a child development and behavior support program for families with children under 3 years of age. The provider can look up the adopted child and the parent can google the state's early intervention program, "says Prok.

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It is natural for an adoptee to be unable to fall asleep for the first time when he is asleep at his new parents' home. This is because some babies in the orphanage have never had their own beds. Usually in the orphanage, babies sleep together in groups. Feeding not only provides the nutrients needed for the adoptee, but it also provides a means of earning trust. Meal times in the orphanage do not follow a strict schedule, but rather irregular. When adoptees eat at home, some adjustments will be necessary. Over time, procs become more accustomed to time and change easily, especially if you keep your mealtime constantly.

As the adoptive child grows, the burden of telling the child that he is adopted will come and there will be twists and turns, but the right way is to inform and raise the child. Karen Miles told "Parents should let their children know that adoption is not something that a child is a bad child or something done. If the children are worried about being alone again, they should reassure their children that the adoptive child is also the parent's child, will be with the child for life and will never be alone again. "

Sometimes, adoptees will be curious about their previous family, which is normal. Parents are encouraged to tell their children what they know about their child's previous family. Perhaps, with a little bit of information, the kids will be delighted to know what their previous family was like, Miles added.

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However, controversy continues among experts about the quality of love that parents give to their biological children, unlike adoptees. Some scholars point out that there is some difference because the ties are different and the children are nurtured in a very different way.

Nancy Barry, a clinical counselor and author of "The Original Hurt" on adoption, explains this situation: "I do not love my adopted daughter and her biological daughter differently. I can do anything for them. But I admit that I have no other choice but to have a relationship with both. "

Bill Aldridge, who has adopted children, says, "We always know that we need love to fill in the missing children's adopted children. But I will not say that I love more of the adopted children, but the feelings of our couple towards them are combined with the desire to make everything right, "he said.

There is a clear understanding of the difference between a given love, but in any case, it is worthwhile to thank the children for their love, whether biological or not.

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